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August 25, 2014

DeerGro™ Launched

AgriGro, Inc. has recently launched a new product line for the wildlife industry – DeerGro™.

DeerGro™ products, such as PlotStart™ and PlotBoost™, will help grow more successful food plots in any type of soil. The DeerGro™ line is all about managing the nutrients, pH, and biological elements to their fullest. DeerGro’s™ products reach all of these from PlotStart’s™ rapid change of soil pH through instantly available calcium, to PlotBoost™ adding a wave of microbes enabling the plant to use available fertilizer more efficiently.

The end result is healthier, stronger plants pumped full of nutrients that are passed to your deer that feed on them. A little DeerGro™ spray goes a long way to growing bigger bucks!

Treated Vs. Untreated

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To learn more about DeerGro™, or for purchasing information, visit



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