Calcium, The King of Nutrients.

Soil pH is important, but other measurements are needed to determine how much calcium your soil and crops truly need.

Calcium is Critical

The importance of calcium as an essential plant nutrient in the soil is often overlooked. Too many times, when soil tests show a low pH the immediate reaction is to spread more lime. However, ag lime tends to be insoluble and can take years to break down and show its effectiveness. In fact, the odds are good that your soil may already contain more undissolved, unused limestone than soil tests are calling for.

Rather than just looking at soil pH, an effective soil test should also include the quantity of soluble calcium (measured in ppm or %) and the Calcium % Base Saturation in the soil. The pH alone is not a valid indicator of soluble calcium levels in soils. For example, when pure sand is analyzed it has a neutral pH but has no available calcium.
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AgriCal Benefits

AgriCal helps plants to reach their genetic yield potential in several ways:

  • Increases Yields and Quality
  • Improves Nitrogen Efficiency
  • Supplies Available Calcium
  • Improves Nutrient Uptake
  • Totally and immediately available to growing plants
  • Guaranteed analysis of 10% calcium
  • Will show first season results instead of waiting six to twelve monthsfor dry lime to begin working
  • Can be applied with standard sprayer equipment

Research Results

Mississippi State AgriCal Study Shows Significant Yield Increases when Calcium is Needed
AgriCal Study Shows Increased Plant Health in Wheat Trial
Wine Grape Varieties Show Significant Yield Increase with FoliarBlend and AgriCal


  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • 275 Gallon Mini-Totes
  • Tanker Load
Agri-Cal® can be applied through standard ground or aerial application equipment, and through standard irrigation or fertigation systems. Agri-Cal® may be mixed with most herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and liquid fertilizers.

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