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December 26, 2012

Pushing Broccoli to the Limit

Can you imagine getting a 75% yield increase in your broccoli crop next season? California broccoli experienced just that in 2012! Jim Poulton, Agri-Gro Dealer, in Salinas, California has a fantastic broccoli report from Church Brothers growers in San Juan Bautista.  In the photo below the top half shows broccoli from the FoliarBlend test plot and the bottom half are broccoli from the check plot.

Broccoli Treated with FoliarBlend Shown on Top Half

The test plot (top half) was treated with FoliarBlend in three applications: 32 oz. at planting, a side dress application of 16 oz. at 30 days, and a final application of 16 oz. through sprinkler irrigation at 60 days.

The check plot (bottom half) shows the reduced size and number of heads when compared to the FoliarBlend test plot.  The differences in quality and uniformity are huge, as are color and size! In addition, the check plot had a yield of 24 lbs compared to the FoliarBlend plot which produced 42 lbs. Clearly the FoliarBlend plot was able to provide these broccoli plants with the resources to take up additional nutrients and water.


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