2019 Crop Tour Testimonies – First in Series

Jamie Watts – Western U.S. Dealer – shares several video testimonies from growers across Idaho on some of the advantages they are seeing from using AgriGro Prebiotics in their 2019 crop production.


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“One of the benefits I’ve seen is the tank mixing capabilities, I can throw it in with my insecticides and fungicides and accomplish a lot of things all at the same time.”
Baxters Nursery



“I took my inputs down 25% less than last year and I’m still seeing as good or better crops than ever.”
Josh Rice Farms



“Having seen the results first hand I would say it’s a very, very, good product.”
Baxter Nursery



“It’s made the plants more leafy and fills in to where I don’t get the weeds coming in those spots.”
Thane Caspersen – Organic Alfalfa



“The pumpkins took off and grew faster and yielded more than they ever have before.”
Josh Rice Farms



Grower testimonies throughout Idaho, U.S.


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