AgriGro Attends the 8th Annual Aqua Forum in Monterrey Mexico

Monterrey Mexico

Recently, AgriGro attended the 8th annual AquaForum in Monterrey Mexico. This event is a gathering of international experts in the wastewater treatment, pool, and spa industries with regional and national distributors and manufacturers that interact directly with end users who are responsible for the maintenance and operation of wastewater treatment plants, portable water plants, pools, and spas.

AgriGro proudly works with Spin Group as our Mexico, Central and South American Distributor for our Agro-industrial and wastewater treatment products.

During our time at the trade show, our team had the opportunity to network with many different representatives of companies in the wastewater industry from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia. We also hosted a seminar to provide education on the benefits and effectiveness of our industrial wastewater products and met with Spin Group executives.



With 52 years in business, Spin Group is a multicultural Mexican company.  Founded by Humberto Abaroa Martinez, along with his wife Elvira and their four children Humberto, Veronica, Hector, and Luis.  They have owned and operated the company since 1957 and excelled in the manufacturing and commercialization of products and services  in the pool, water treatment, and chemical specialties for the food, construction, gardening, and automotive maintenance industries; consolidating themselves as national leaders with a marketing presence in Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc. formed AgriGro Mexico, S.A. de C.V. in 2008, and aligned with Spin Group in order to add our prebiotic biodegradator and animal feed supplement to their pipeline.  Spin Group has been a gracious host and tremendous partners in the industry.

Throughout the summit, AgriGro worked along side of Spin Group with each bringing representatives to both host a booth and a breakout session.

Fred Helwig, AgriGro’s Latin American Representative presented during the breakout session on the technology behind AgriGro Mexico’s wastewater treatment product BDM-50. Samantha Marquez,  Brand Manager for AgriGro products and Head AgriGro Representative for Spin Group, hosted the AgriGro BDM-50 booth.

Also in attendance at the event was AgriGro Corporate Representatives, Shannon and Lori Smith. Shannon is Co-Owner, Vice President and Sales Executive of AgriGro Marketing Inc. He specializes in Livestock with nearly 3 decades of experience in the agricultural industry. Lori Smith, Shannon’s wife, is AgriGro’s Digital Marketing Director and Home and Garden Sales Representative specializing in online sales.

Prebiotic Nutrition for Increased Crop Production and Profits


As a grower, you understand the critical connection between the health of your soil and the quality of your crop production. Throughout the years, numerous probiotic soil treatments have been incorporated into the agricultural marketplace in order to increase plant strength, enhance growth rates, and help crops be more resistant to disease. While probiotics may be an effective means of enhancing plant nutrition, they are not without their shortcomings.

If you are searching for a natural way to decrease inputs while increasing your crop yields and profits, AgriGro® has a solution for you. We offer several prebiotic products that can help you achieve your production goals while enhancing soil health and increasing crop production. Let’s take a look at what makes our prebiotic formulations so effective.

Probiotics vs. Prebiotics for Crops

To understand the fundamental difference between probiotics and prebiotics, we must review the makeup of each treatment.


Probiotic formulations rely on live microbial strains to provide the majority of crop production benefits. Many of the numerous probiotic products available on the market today are not well suited for commercial agriculture applications. Probiotics are somewhat unstable because they contain live microorganisms. Additionally, they:

  • Only contain one to four strains of effective microorganisms
  • Have a very short shelf life
  • Are difficult to mix with fertilizers, pesticides, and other inputs
  • Don’t feed native microbial populations in soil

Although probiotic treatments have become common in agricultural production in recent years, it is difficult to determine exactly the benefit they provide. For example, the Oregon Department of Agriculture evaluated 20 probiotic products in 2015. All of these products were well within their label-displayed expiration date, and all claimed to contain four commonly guaranteed bacterial strains: Bacillus, Glomus, Pseudomonas, and Trichoderma.

The evaluation detected no live bacteria in at least one or more of the bacterial strains that the manufacturer claimed on the label. What’s more, only 25 percent of the products tested actually met its guaranteed label analysis. This information can be difficult to process, especially for growers who invest their hard-earned money on potentially unreliable products.


Here is where AgriGro can help your agricultural operations: unlike probiotic products that contain live bacteria, our exclusive formulations delivers an advanced prebiotic concentrate that contains no live bacteria. These innovative prebiotic formulations contain more than 400 different biomolecules that are naturally produced, making them some of the most complex in the industry today. Our prebiotic formulations have many advantages over probiotic formulations because they are:

  • Stable. Our prebiotics have a long shelf life — four years or longer — because they do not contain live bacteria.
  • Versatile and convenient. Our prebiotic products can be applied with fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides without concern.
  • Environmentally beneficial. Prebiotics in our products significantly increase the thousands of beneficial native microbial species already residing in the soil.

Choose Prebiotic Plant Nutrition From AgriGro

Here at AgriGro, we understand the importance of the biological component of crop production, and we have been a leader in the field of prebiotic technology for agricultural use for more than 40 years. Our innovative prebiotic products are designed to help you grow higher quality, better yielding crops while lowering your production costs and reducing dependence on chemical inputs. It is our mission to provide sustainable, cutting-edge technologies that help farmers improve soil quality and crop production by maximizing biological performance by enhancing what nature has already provided, and we would love to do the same for your commercial agricultural operations. To learn more about SeedMaxx®, Ignite S2®, FoliarBlend®, Ultra®, and our other products, or to locate a dealer near you, contact the AgriGro team today.


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