SINCE 1980

FOR NEARLY 40 YEARS, AgriGro® has established a tradition of excellence manufacturing an ever-growing line of innovative technologies that offer superior performance and unmatched value in the global marketplace. Grounded in our humble beginnings, our family-owned biotechnology company seeks to build upon those principles, and expand the tradition of excellence…far beyond business.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)


OUR MISSION is to provide sustainable, environmentally sound technologies that maximize biological performance, return a profit to the user, and improve the world we live in.


Give, Serve & Support

OUR DRIVING PRINCIPLES are to Give, Serve, and Support. We recognize the privilege and calling we have to give help and hope through serving those in need. We support individuals and organizations that provide impoverished communities with the food, water, skills, and products needed to produce sustainable gardens, livestock, and crop production. Offering a hand up to not only survive but thrive in everyday life.

"It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)


WE SAY “Just Add Life” because in 1980 we began with the idea that there may be a different way to look at farming…a way that is sustainable and makes everything work better. A way that multiplies the sunup-to-sundown-workday efforts. Our roots run deep in the understanding that adding life is really what makes every effort grow.


IN TODAY’S MODERN AGRICULTURE, our efforts can deplete life or add life. When you look for ways to add life, it’s sustainable and makes everything work better. The result is enhanced plant and soil health for crops, gardens, and turf, as well as improved animal health and environment for livestock and wildlife.

Our products are all-natural, easy to use, and friendly to the soil, the plant, as well as the grower. AgriGro’s® formulations deliver essential plant nutrition along with an advanced prebiotic concentrate, which significantly increases the multitude of beneficial native microbial species already residing in the production environment.

Through these environmentally sound technologies, we’re adding life to crop production, livestock, home, turf, and wildlife markets. You don’t have to be dependent on crop production efforts that deplete life.

Just Add Life with AgriGro®.

Stephen smith


Stephen has been employed with AgriGro since 1988 and has served as President of the Company since 2005.  He is now a 2nd generation owner of the company in partnership with his brother, Shannon.

Growing up on the family farm, Stephen began his career working beside his father who founded the company in 1980 and has been part and witness to the growth and  transformation that has taken place since its beginning.

Stephen has helped lead the expansion of AgriGro from its humble beginnings and focussed his career on branding and building a prebiotic line of products that work in harmony with nature to improve the world we live in for generations to come. As a result of his efforts, AgriGro has grown from a single product offering to a growing line of Nutritional and Prebiotic technologies. Today these products are distributed around the globe to improve Soil Health, Crop Production, Livestock Nutrition, Wildlife management, Home and Garden plant care and Commercial Waste Management.

Stephen’s faith is a guiding influence in all aspects of his business and personal life and he strives to consider the needs of others when approaching any project.

Stephen is an outdoor enthusiast and avid bowhunter. He is a fan of MMA and the Dallas Cowboys and enjoys traveling with his wife and spending free time with family at their cabin on the beautiful Current River. He enjoys serving in his local church where his family attends and supporting other charitable causes.

Stephen and his wife Natalie have raised three children, Stephanie (married), Hunter (married) and Colton who all work in the family business. They are also proud grandparents and their entire family reside in Southeast Missouri. 



Shannon Smith is Co-Owner and Senior Vice President of AgriGro Marketing, Inc. with nearly three decades of experience in the agricultural industry.

With a focus on sales throughout his career, Shannon understands what it takes to be a successful salesman and believes that when you take care of relationships the sales take care of themselves.

Shannon has helped AgriGro develop from a small manufacturing plant to the six product line company it is today. One of his esteemed projects started in 2003 when he began developing the livestock line upon recognizing the need for AgriGro’s prebiotic technology in animal health and their production environment.

Shannon has deep positive principles and beliefs rooted in the traditions of the U.S. Heartland. These include a close-knit family, strong Christian values, and caring for others by working in his church and with charitable causes.

Shannon enjoys talking sports, particularly Cardinals baseball and anything NASCAR. He is somewhat of a buff in world history, politics and Biblical history. He resides in Southwest Missouri with his wife, Lori.  They have three grown children and two more married in. They love spending time together as a family working in AgriGro, traveling, enjoying activities on the lake, snow skiing, and hunting.


Become a part of the AgriGro Family

At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships.

Looking for a great business opportunity? Consider becoming an Authorized Dealer or Affiliate for AgriGro’s products.

We think of our representatives as family. 

When you join, you become part of an international network of like-minded peers with diverse experiences and perspectives. Plus, you gain access to everything AgriGro offers to learn more about our products and how to grow your business.

If you’re looking to make a difference, we’re always searching for the best and brightest, and most committed folks that know what it takes to produce the best results. 

As a member of the AgriGro team, we offer the opportunity for enterprising businesses, Independent Dealers, or Affiliates to experience superior profitability all while keeping at the forefront that  our company is only as strong as the relationships we forge and the lives we impact. “Growing” people will always come before growing a profit.”