Quite often lime is applied when what

the soil and plant truly needs is available

calcium. Calcium is an essential element

and is vital for proper soil structure and

plant and cell wall development and is

considered the trucker of plant nutrients.

When calcium is deficient, crop production

and soil health suffer.


Calcium, as an essential plant nutrient in the soil, is often overlooked. Too many times when soil tests show a low pH the immediate reaction is to spread more lime. However, ag-lime tends to be insoluble and can take years to break down and show its effectiveness. In fact, the odds are good that your soil may already contain more undissolved limestone than soil tests are calling for.

Rather than just looking at soil pH, an effective soil test should also include the quantity of soluble calcium (measured in ppm or %) and the calcium % base saturation in the soil. pH alone is not a valid indicator of soluble calcium levels in the soil. For example, when pure sand is analyzed it has a neutral pH but has no available calcium.


– Chelated with a guaranteed analysis of 10% calcium

– 100% water-soluble … Does not have to go through biological breakdown

– Immediately available to the soil and growing plants

– Improves Nutrient Uptake

– Increases Yield and Crop Quality

– Improves Nitrogen Efficiency when applied with liquid nitrogen

– See first season results…No waiting 6-12 months like with dry lime


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AgriCal® can be applied through standard ground or aerial application equipment, and through standard irrigation or fertigation systems.

AgriCal® may be mixed with some herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and liquid nitrogen solutions. Do not mix with Glyphosate based herbicides, 2-4D Amine or any liquid fertilizer containing phosphorus. Always do a jar test to ensure compatibility with AgriCal®.

  • When should I apply AgriCal®?   
    • There is no wrong time to apply AgriCal® if calcium is indicated by your soil test or tissue analysis. The sooner the better.
  • Can I mix AgriCal® with my starter fertilizer? 
    • Absolutely not if your starter contains phosphorous, which almost all do.  It would require an independent tank with a separate line ran to the seed furrow. AgriCal® can be mixed with any of our prebiotics in furrow.
  • Is AgriCal® liquid lime?
    • No, it is a highly soluble solution of calcium that is 30,000 times more soluble than lime and contains no carbonate or magnesium.
  • Can I raise my pH with AgriCal®?  
    • It is possible depending on the history of your soil, but that is not the intended purpose nor the guide to determine the need or the  rates of application for using AgriCal®. A low pH can be an indicator calcium is deficient but the pH can also be above 8 and calcium can still be deficient. Do not use pH as a blanket indicator for applying any nutrient to the soil including lime or AgriCal®.  The results can be a very costly unbalanced soil.
  • How much AgriCal® should I use per acre? 
    • The rates used and recommended should be based upon the % base saturation of calcium as measured from a reputable soil testing lab that has calculated these five cations (Ca, Mg, K, Na, H) .Then apply 1 gallon of AgriCal® for every 5% you are deficient in the percentage of calcium. Sandy soils (8 CEC or less) should have approximately 60%  and heavier soils( above 8 CEC)  should be around 70% depending on the model soil used by your lab.
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