AgriGro® Featured In Idaho Grain

AgriGro® was featured in Idaho Grain, a publication provided by the Idaho Grain Producers Association. The article, entitled, Biostimulants Offer Promise, but Do Your Homework delves into the science of soil and its importance in plant growth.

Idaho Grain turned to AgriGro’s® Director of Business Development Ross Nielsen to learn more about biotechnology and its role in improving soil quality and ultimately, crop yield. Ross urges farmers to have a healthy skepticism for all products promising a big return but also an equal dose of exploration and optimism, because many products like the ones he endorses with AgriGro® actually do deliver results. Products like AgriGro® actually serve as microbial inoculants, giving the soil the life that it is often lacking after heavy fertilizer and pesticide use. Healthy, living soils create an environment where root systems are strengthened, nutrient uptake is increased, and plants sprout faster and stronger. Other experts sited in the article recommend experimentation and seeing what works for your farm. If bio-technology like AgriGro® gives you a yield bump, then continue using them.