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Providing Optimum Plant Nutrition

Providing optimum plant nutrition has always been a discussion for producers who are looking to maximize crop production and profitability. Now it is time to see which product application practices truly lead to higher production and a return on nutrients.

It’s Time to Start a Cold Frame

Your garden doesn’t have to suffer during the cold winter months after
all the hard work you’ve put into it all spring and summer. Even outside of the prime growing season, a cold frame garden offers a way for you to keep your garden producing without investing in a full-sized greenhouse. Cold frames are a great option during the winter months.

Turfgrass Response to Mowing Pt. 1

Mowing your lawn is the most often applied cultural practice performed on grass. What is not often considered is how grass responds to mowing. A key understanding in professional turf management is knowing that mowing is merely tolerated by grass and as a result, has specific reactions to it.

Fall Leaf Removal

In many places around the country, autumn trees are extremely beautiful with brightly colored leaves consisting of reds, oranges, yellows and greens. The cooler weather of fall is so relaxing following the hot summers in the U.S., but what follows can be a chore. The autumn leaves will soon fall off the trees and we must decide what to do with them.