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Respire® represents the next generation of technology in the fight against compaction and its yield limiting impact. Respire® is an anionic, soil-amending surfactant that addresses a wide range of soil compaction problems found in today’s agriculture.

Respire® works to offset compaction by improving soil structure, drainage and tilth to maximize yields and support overall soil and plant health. For conventional tillage or no-till applications, Respire® helps support a healthy, growing environment so your crops can reach their genetic yield potential.


Respire™ improves the tillage and aeration of the soil allowing more oxygen in the improved root development and enhanced microbial activity.

Respire™ significantly reduces crusting for improved seeding emergence.

Respire™ reduces soil shear strength.

Respire™ enhances water penetration with less runoff

Respire™ helps support a healthy growing environment so your crops can reach their genetic yield potential.

Respire™ is safe to spray on all crops & pastures.

Respire™ is compatible with most all liquid fertilizers & herbicides and can improve chemical performance. As with any Agri-Chemical, always do a compatibility check to ensure proper mixing.


Respire™ should be soil applied broadcast at rate of 7-8oz / acre. For tough, heavy clay soils, rates up to 10oz / acre can be used.

Respire™ is effective in furrow with starter fertilizer at 2 oz. / acre, with an additional 5-7oz applied broadcast to the soil.

Respire™ should be applied pre-plant in the spring or post-harvest in the fall.

Additional applications of Respire™ can be made at 2 – 6 oz/ acre throughout the crop season.

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