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Geared for rapid leaf absorption, FoliarBlend® acts like a plant multivitamin, promoting plant growth and plant health. Timely applications during key crop stages enhance nutrient uptake, fortify the plant's defense against adverse conditions, diseases, insects, and imbalanced nutrition, resulting in higher yields and crop quality.

Calcium, an essential plant nutrient often overlooked in soil, is crucial for plant health. Instead of relying solely on pH levels, effective soil tests should also measure soluble calcium quantity and calcium % base saturation. pH alone doesn't indicate available calcium; for instance, pure sand may have a neutral pH but lacks available calcium.

How to Use

Lawns: Apply 6 oz. of Super-Cal® per 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn every 30-45 days throughout the entire growing season followed by watering, or make a single application of Super-Cal® at the rate of 20 oz per 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn in spring when growth begins. (Hose end sprayers, irrigation fertilizer injectors or standard pump sprayers work best for this application.)

Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Gardens Soil Application: 12-16 oz. of Super-Cal® per 1,000 sq. ft. of garden area prior to planting. (Hose end sprayers, irrigation injectors, or standard liquid sprayers work best for this application.)

Drench, Transplant, or Watering Solution: Dilute 2 oz. of Super-Cal® per 1 gallon of water. Use 4 oz. of diluted solution (1/2 cup) per plant every 2-4 weeks.

Foliage Spray: Dilute 2 oz. of Super-Cal® per 1 gallon of water and mist evenly onto plant foliage every 3-4 weeks. Water as usual.

*1 Ounce = 2 Tablespoons

At 1-2 pints per acre, FoliarBlend® can be applied through standard ground or aerial application equipment, and through standard irrigation or fertigation systems. FoliarBlend® may be mixed with most herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and liquid fertilizers. When mixing FoliarBlend® with other chemistries, always do a jar test to ensure compatibility.

AgriCal Benefits
Chelated with a guaranteed 10% calcium analysis, AgriCal provides immediate benefits to the soil and growing plants as it is 100% water-soluble, bypassing the need for biological breakdown. This swift availability enhances nutrient uptake, leading to increased yield and improved crop quality. Notably, AgriCal stands out for its ability to improve nitrogen efficiency when applied alongside liquid nitrogen, delivering results in the first season without the prolonged waiting period of 6-12 months typically associated with dry lime.
FoliarBlend Benefits
FoliarBlend offers a spectrum of benefits aimed at enhancing plant growth and vigor. It supports overall plant and soil health, contributing to healthy root and stalk development. The formula facilitates sufficient water uptake and absorption, concurrently improving nutrient uptake and utilization. As a result, FoliarBlend significantly increases crop quality and yield. Additionally, its application triggers a remarkable surge in beneficial microbial activity, reaching up to 5000% within 24–48 hours, underlining its rapid and impactful influence on plant vitality.

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