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2020 SeedMaxx Trial Increases Corn Yields By Average Of 7.8 BPA

In a study performed by KMR Research across 6 different locations and multiple corn varieties, SeedMaxx® averaged an overall yield increase of 7.8 BPA increase over the control.… read more

Consider Implementing SeedMaxx® Into Your Management Program

With the start of the 2021 season rapidly getting closer, it brings to question, what steps will you take to maximize production and protect your crops. AgriGro’s® SeedMaxx® represents… read more

Elements of Crop Production

Taking a look at the elements of crop production in a holistic fashion is crucial to ensure plant vigor and to maximize economic yield. But it goes back to… read more

Steps To Understanding A Soil Report And How To Use That Information To Take Corrective Action

When you understand how to read a soil report you can use that information to take corrective action. Our experts will walk you through how to put this information to… read more

Providing Optimum Plant Nutrition

Providing optimum plant nutrition has always been a discussion for producers who are looking to maximize crop production and profitability. Now it is time to see which product application… read more

Manage Soil Compaction and Watch Your Crops & Profits Grow

What strategies do you have in place to reduce soil compaction and its yield dragging impact? Considering that today's tractors, combines, and field equipment is only getting bigger, it's vital… read more

When Should I Run A Soil Test?

In order to maximize crop production, testing the soil is key. But many wonder, how often should I run a soil test? Here is the information farmers need to know.… read more

The Importance of Microbial Communities in Agriculture

In the context of agriculture, an abundant, diverse microbiome has been demonstrated to affect crop health. The elements of crop production can be dissected into three distinct yet overlapping sectors:… read more

Residue Management for A Successful Spring

Arguably one of the most valuable inputs for the success of next year’s crop is what’s left in the field right after harvest. When crop residue is recycled correctly and… read more

AgriGro is Proud to Announce our 40th Anniversary!

Over the past 40 years we have established a tradition of excellence, manufacturing an ever growing line of innovative technologies while providing growers with environmentally safe products that improve soil,… read more

3 Management Practices to Help Improve and Sustain Soil Organic Carbon

Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) is an important aspect of crop production and the long term sustainability of the soil. Carbon makes up approximately 58% of the organic matter in soil,… read more

Mid-Season Nutrient Availability And Stress Management • Hunter Smith | Agronomy Advisor

Maintaining proper nutrient levels and a healthy, vigorous crop that effectively utilizes the nutrients is essential to maximize yields. Unfortunately, many forms of stress can arise throughout the season that… read more

The Importance of Calcium • Tim Tesreau | VP of Agronomy

Calcium is the trucker of all plant nutrients, it is essential to proper nutrients transportation into the plant. When calcium is deficient, crops suffer not only from lack of calcium… read more

Flashback Friday – What Livestock Already Instinctively Know

Check this out! Shannon Smith shares footage of fescue hay grown with AgriGro Prebiotics all the way back to 1996!     At AgriGro we make it a habit to deliver… read more

2019 Crop Tour Testimonies – Second in Series

DEERGRO REVIEWS Professional hunters, hunting enthusiasts, biologists, and expert food plotters alike have all tried and reviewed DeerGro’s PlotStart and PlotBoost. Check out the reviews and video testimonies on the… read more

2019 Crop Tour Testimonies – First in Series

Jamie Watts – Western U.S. Dealer – shares several video testimonies from growers across Idaho on some of the advantages they are seeing from using AgriGro Prebiotics in their 2019… read more

Consistency, Education and Common Sense – Ross Nielson

“With all of the inconsistencies in crop production practices, there are certain absolutes that will affect the bottom line.” Ross Nielson | Western U.S. Development   Western US agriculture offers… read more

Cover Crops for Enhancing Soil Health and Crop Production

While there is still plenty of the growing season ahead of us, it is never too early to start thinking about maintaining the health of your soil in the offseason.… read more

Diversity and Richness in the Soil

  “Anytime an imbalance of species start to occur within the soil, a new set of challenges begin to emerge.”  -Tim Tesreau  |  VP of Agronomy & Technical Support   Just as… read more

Milo and Winter Wheat – Forty Five Percent Yield Increase

  This repost from December 19th, 2012 is just too good to leave behind. Check out how one Texas Farmer received a 45% yield increase over the control plot by… read more

Mick Johnston Discusses the Importance of the Reproductive Stage of Growth

  “Most crops are entering the reproductive stage of growth. Focusing on plant and root health is very important.” Mick Johnston | AgriGro Rep – Boone, IA Growers, 2019 is… read more

Add Life with AgriGro® to Maximize Crop Production

  AgriGro® is passionate about creating innovative products that help growers maximize their production. A successful crop management plan must take several factors into consideration to drive production success. While… read more

Don’t Give Up! Higher Yields and Profits are Still Within Reach

With the historic flooding that has plagued much of the Midwest this Spring, many growers are facing the reality that 2019 is shaping up to be one of the toughest… read more

Considering Prevent Planting? Push Yields With AgriGro

There’s no doubt that this spring has been cold and wet. Historic flooding has had much of the Midwest’s farmland underwater since April, leaving many growers holding their breath as… read more

AgriGro® Meets with Compo Expert to Discuss Soil Health and Prebiotics

At AgriGro®, we are passionate about producing sustainable soil health and prebiotic products that help growers maximize their return on investment while reducing their dependence on traditional agricultural inputs. Whenever… read more

Interview with Co-Owner and President of AgriGro Marketing, Inc.

What sets AgriGro® apart from other biotechnology companies? We are your go-to source for soil health, livestock nutrition, plant nutrition, and other products that help maximize the return on investment… read more

Historic Flooding Affects Soil Health and Crop Production

The “bomb cyclone” that raced across the Midwest on March 13 and 14 was the strongest storm in the region for decades. While many have heard news reports and seen… read more

AgriGro Attends the 8th Annual Aqua Forum in Monterrey Mexico

Monterrey Mexico Recently, AgriGro attended the 8th annual AquaForum in Monterrey Mexico. This event is a gathering of international experts in the wastewater treatment, pool, and spa industries with regional… read more

Prebiotic Nutrition for Increased Crop Production and Profits

  As a grower, you understand the critical connection between the health of your soil and the quality of your crop production. Throughout the years, numerous probiotic soil treatments have… read more

Introducing SeedMaxx® Seed Treatment and IgniteS4® N-P-K Fertilizer Treatment

When your livelihood depends on maximizing crop production, count on the best seed supplements and fertilizer treatments available to help shoulder the load! AgriGro® provides industry-leading / prebiotic technologies that… read more

Research-Backed Technology With Proven Performance

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle Today, there are numerous products in the bio-stimulant marketplace that make similar claims to… read more

Microbes: Many Hands Make Light Work

Many hands make light work, and having an abundance of beneficial microbes in the soil at critical stages throughout the growing season is like having extra hands on the farm… read more

AgriGro® Interview: Maximizing Inputs by Maximizing Life

We say “Just Add Life” because for over 40 years, AgriGro® has understood the importance of the biological component of crop production. We recently interviewed Shannon Smith, Co-Owner of AgriGro®,… read more

Maximize Your Crop Production Efforts: Just Add Life

Typically, conventional crop management decisions focus on two broad categories to drive production success: 1. Physical components – equipment, tillage practices, irrigation, and seed 2. Chemical components – fertilizer, herbicides,… read more

Build Momentum in Your Organic Crop Production with Ultra®

Organic producers, how would you like to gain up to $71.00 per acre on a $12.00 investment? This can be a reality when you implement AgriGro® crop production products in… read more

INFOGRAPHIC: Calcium is Critical

Regardless of the crops you produce, the infographic below, “Calcium is Critical”,  will guide you through the importance of applying AgriCal® this fall.       AgriGro’s® AgriCal® benefits the plant,… read more

AgriGro® Featured In Idaho Grain

AgriGro® was featured in Idaho Grain, a publication provided by the Idaho Grain Producers Association. The article, entitled, Biostimulants Offer Promise, but Do Your Homework delves into the science of… read more

Monitoring Crop Performance When Using AgriGro Products

Information from both distributors and growers are important for research. Please keep track of your experience with FoliarBlend®, IgniteS2® and the other fine products of AgriGro® Marketing and share your… read more

Peanut Study: Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Numbers Rise

Peanuts are a very important crop in Argentina, with millions of tons exported worldwide annually. In early studies using multiple applications of FoliarBlend® on peanuts, soil analyses showed the number of nitrogen… read more

Pushing Broccoli to the Limit

Can you imagine getting a 75% yield increase in your broccoli crop next season? California broccoli experienced just that in 2012. Jim Poulton, AgriGro® Dealer, in Salinas, California has a… read more

Three Applications of FoliarBlend® Make the Difference in Milo & Wheat in Texas

Some exciting news related to plant nutrition and dryland milo production comes from Jay McKee, farm manager, Strickland Farms in Nevada, Texas. McKee is eager for next year’s crop production… read more