Closing The Gap Between Actual Yield and Genetic Yield Potential


Through innovative crop production products like SeedMaxx®, IgniteS2®, FoliarBlend®, IgniteS4® Technical Grade, organically approved Ultra® and AgriCal®, producers around the globe are improving soil health and growing higher quality, better yielding crops while lowering their production costs and dependence on chemical inputs.


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How It Works:

Microbiology drives the physical and chemical components of crop production to maximize productivity. When AgriGro® prebiotics are applied to the seed, soil, and plant, there is an immediate increase in beneficial microbial activity up to 5,000% within the first 24 to 48  hours that can last for 28 to 35 days.


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Consistent increases in yield and quality from the use of AgriGro’s® prebiotic technologies have been well documented by university and third-party researchers around the world in many different crops and soil types. The resulting positive impact on soil health speaks for itself.


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