Berny has been farming for 45 years and in 2019 gave AgriCal a try on a 27-acre field of 2nd crop alfalfa. The treated field ended up yielding 50 – 3x3x8 bales at 800lbs each, plus an additional 22 – 1500lb round bales (1.35 tons/acre). He baled his neighbors 20 acre field next to his and observed that it only harvested a total of 33 – 3x3x8 bales at 800lbs each (.66 tons/acre).  He will definitely be using AgriCal in the future and stated “I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Berny E. – Northeast Iowa

I farm 5,000 acres of corn, wheat and milo and won’t go without using AgriGro® products on each acre. I have used AgriGro®for the past 12 years and there is no question that my soil looks, feels and smells healthier. The soil holds water better than it ever has and my yields have increased also.

John V., Sharon Springs, KS

We farm 3,000 acres of rice, corn, soybeans and wheat and have been using AgriGro® products for over 30 years. In the beginning we noticed a significant yield increase. Long term, we have seen our soil texture become more mellow with fewer clods and a lot more earthworms. Disease pressure is almost non-existent and we hardly use any fungicides. Thirty years later, we still see a consistent yield increase with AgriGro® products.

Lee W., Wright Brothers Farms, MO

I have used FoliarBlend® on our almond transplant trees over the last eight years. With the trees we have treated, we can see to the row, that they are taller and healthier with greater trunk mass and more vigor than those not treated, and they produce more yield.

Randy D., Central California Almond Grower

As an alfalfa grower, I have seen better yields in using AgriGro® products, but the quality factor is higher also. Before using AgriGro® products, my field growth was uneven in spots. After using FoliarBlend® for a few years, I have noticed that my crop growth is much more uniform.

Ben S., SW Colorado Alfalfa Grower

This particular nut producer farms 20,000 acres and had a field where irrigation infiltration was poor and water runoff was high. High sodium levels have a negative effect on water infiltration. After a soil test, we determined the sodium base saturation levels were high at 4.5%. We recommended the grower inject one quart of IgniteS2® through his drip irrigation due to IgniteS2® sodium reducing capabilities. Within 24 hours of application water runoff had decreased substantially. Thirty days after application the grower said:

“The field is draining very well. Doesn’t look like the same field during irrigation.”

Two months from the original soil test, and after applying one quart of IgniteS2®through irrigation, another soil test was taken. IgniteS2® reduced sodium levels by 44% in two months.

Larry L. Central Valley, CA

This spring about half of our fall wheat was blown out of one of our fields by severe wind, so we reseeded the blown out area with spring wheat, treated with IgniteS2®. Visually, we could see that the spring wheat stand was better than the fall wheat stand that we had planted and the yield did better than what it would have without the IgniteS2® seed treatment.

G & G Farms, Rexburg, ID

The first year I tested and applied AgriGro’s® products to part of my corn, I yielded 18 bushels better than the non-treated. The treated corn visibly looked better also. The next year I applied AgriGro’s® products to every acre.

Andy C., Hartley County, TX

We applied AgriGro’s® chelated liquid calcium, AgriCal®, to several of our fields this year for the first time, as a possible alternate option to lime. Typically, our tissue analyses come back deficient in calcium. After two weeks of applying AgriCal®, the wheat tissue analysis indicated that calcium levels were adequate in the plant.

Bill F. Lewiston, ID | Eric H. Winchester, ID

I have been farming for over 30 years. This year was my first time using IgniteS2® on newly seeded alfalfa and I applied it to the soil with a spray-rig, just prior to preparing the seedbed. I noticed faster emergence and a better overall stand, compared to the other half of my field that was not treated. I’m pleased with a better stand as it is an indication of better yields to come.

Eric B. Rexburg, ID

I have a particular field that I grow dry-land Bermuda grass hay and over the past three years I averaged 17-19 round bales each year. This year I applied AgriCal® and FoliarBlend®, as recommended by my consultant, and yielded 29 round bales. Visually, I could see a denser grass stand and I didn’t have to spray nearly as much for weeds like I have in the past.

Garry W. Wardville, OK

We have been using AgriGro® products for more than ten years. We still monitor its results, but it has certainly become an integral part of our onion program. After extensive testing AgriGro® products has proven their place on our farm, improving yields and the overall quality.

Randy M. Washington Onion Grower

I farm an organic certified dairy. This year, I used Ultra® on my grass paddocks with my standard rotational grazing program, and my cows could not keep up with the growth. This resulted in extra paddocks of ungrazed grass that I baled for hay. This had not happened previous to using Ultra®, and the result of extra hay put dollars in my pocket.

Lavelle K. Sheldon, WI

Using IgniteS2® and FoliarBlend® for the first time this spring, I applied IgniteS2® to half of my fall wheat with my fertilizer. Within a week or so I could visually see that the treated side was greener, thicker and taller. I applied two more foliar applications with FoliarBlend® over the season. At harvest, we weighed trucks and the treated side yielded 10 bushels better. I also noticed, this fall, the soil on the treated side was easier to rip and disc, right to the line, then the non-treated side.

Russ L. Hibbard, ID

We have used FoliarBlend® on our almond transplant trees over the last nine years. We have seen healthier trees with more vigor that produce more fruit for our growers.

High Desert AG., Mendota, CA

We began using IgniteS2® and FoliarBlend® in 2013, seeing improvement in fruit set and consistency of berry set within the clusters. In 2014, we increased the acreage with IgniteS2® and FoliarBlend® and continued to see improvement in berry set and uniformity of berries in the cluster. One of my customers also noticed improvement in wine quality. In 2015, we expanded IgniteS2®, FoliarBlend® and AgriCal® acreage substantially, and continued to see improvement in fruit set and wine quality. We also saw improvement in the appearance of foliage and increased growth in the canes. There was also a reduction of salt burn in 2015 compared to previous years. We will continue applications in 2016.

NorthCoast Farm Supply, Santa Rosa, CA