Don’t Give Up! Higher Yields and Profits are Still Within Reach

With the historic flooding that has plagued much of the Midwest this Spring, many growers are facing the reality that 2019 is shaping up to be one of the toughest and shortest growing seasons in recent history. Supporting soil and plant health is essential to maximize yields in these trying times and AgriGro® is here to help. Our industry-leading products can “add life” to your commercial operation, pushing crops to grow through adverse growing conditions for maximum yields and profitability.

In previous posts, we discussed the value of prebiotic technology in commercial agriculture and the important role the soil and plants biological system play in crop production. Today, we’ll take a closer look at concerns with current growing conditions and how products like
SeedMaxx®, IgniteS2®, FoliarBlend® and Organic approved Ultra® can help your farming operation overcome early season challenges and deliver higher yields at harvest . Continue reading to learn more.

Concerns with Current Growing Conditions

It goes without saying that growing conditions throughout our countries midsection have been less than ideal for crop production. The overcast skies, rainy weather and excessive rain in recent months have done a real number on Midwest farmland, leaching valuable nutrients and creating planting challenges unlike anything we have seen in many years. As a result, much of the emerging crop is either late or stunted with poorly developed root systems and maximizing the remaining growing season is critical for optimum yields to be realized.

Conditions are drying out in many areas and with improvements in the weather, fields are finally getting planted with young crops beginning to green up and grow. While this is a promising sign that conditions are heading in the right direction, growers must be careful not to overlook the importance of soil health and plant nutrition in achieving maximum yields. Thankfully, with field proven products from AgriGro®, you can enhance the resilience, vigor and growth of late emerging, weather stressed crops while energizing the soils microbial system in an easy, affordable way.

The Benefit of Early Seed Treatment Application

Growers who added SeedMaxx® to their seed treatments this season have been quickly rewarded and are clearly seeing the benefits and value of doing so. Specifically formulated to promote better germination, more even emergence, and increased seedling vigor, this product has lived up to its name in 2019 as SeedMaxx® is proving to minimize stress and keep crops growing through this year’s adverse, damp growing conditions. Crops treated with SeedMaxx® develop larger root systems and significantly more vigor to push through yield-dragging challenges, and this new generation of prebiotic treatment enhances soil health like no other biostimulant product on the market. SeedMaxx® has shown tremendous response in corn, soybeans and rice in this years tough planting conditions.

How Can IgniteS2®, FoliarBlend® and Organic approved Ultra® Help?

IgniteS2®, FoliarBlend® and Ultra® are powerful biological treatments formulated to help growers get the most out of their soil and crop production. These products supercharge the soil and plants microbiome to boost soil and plant health while improving plant and root development to enhance crop quality and yield. They also minimize plant stress from unfavorable growing conditions like no other products on the market. To fully appreciate how beneficial these prebiotics can be to your operation, it helps to understand the science behind the process.

When added to soil or foliar applied herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and liquid fertilizers, these biostimulants provide essential plant nutrition along with over 400 natural bio-molecules that improve nature’s biological processes within the plant and soil, increasing microbial activity in the bulk soil, rhizosphere and plants phyllosphere up to 5000% within 24 to 48 hours of application. Enhanced microbial activity in these key areas promotes plant health and improves the release of insoluble nutrients in the soil for better uptake by plants. The result is a big boost in plant and soil health, increased plant growth and vigor, healthier root and stalk development, improved water uptake and nutrient absorption, less disease pressure, and higher yield potential.

Similar to how a good multivitamin and probiotic can provide humans with the essential nutrients and intestinal balance needed for optimal health, our line of prebiotics supplies nutrition and growth supplements to boost soil health, plant growth and microbial balance. Applying these prebiotics during key stages of crop production will improve nutrient acquisition and fortify the plant’s natural defenses against disease, insect pressure, and adverse growing conditions. The result? Enhanced crop health and development for improved quality and yields — something all growers can benefit from during this challenging growing season.

All of the rainfall experienced in our Nation’s midsection this Spring will make fighting weeds an unending battle for growers. And with the heavy leaching of nutrients and applied fertilizers from excessive moisture, many farmers will be sidedressing N and foliar feeding macro and micro nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of growing crops. These type of applications are ideal times to incorporate IgniteS2®, FoliarBlend® or Ultra® into your operation. IgniteS2® and FoliarBlend® can be tank mixed with nearly all herbicides, pesticides and liquid fertilizer solutions, and applied through standard ground or aerial equipment as well as through irrigation and fertigation systems. It has never been easier to provide stressed soils and crops with the energizing boost they need to thrive and recover from the adverse conditions of a challenging Spring and put top yields back in the crosshairs of your 2019 growing season.

Boost Crop Production and Yield

Are you one of the many growers who have been affected by the unprecedented flooding to plague our Nation this year? If so, count on AgriGro® to provide the soil building, plant nutrition products needed to energize emerging crops in these adverse growing conditions and right the ship on your 2019 crop year. AgriGro®’s proven line of prebiotic biostimulants make it possible to recover soil and plant health and maximize traditional fertilizer and chemical inputs to provide crops with the stress relieving boost needed to reach maximum yields.

Ready to learn more about how to enhance yields and improve the health of your soil and crops?

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