I would highly recommend this product for beginners and seasoned gardeners alike. Regular feeding according to the instructions yields vigorous plant growth, healthy and greener plants with abundant buds and flowers. 


V. Nazareth, Savannah, GA

I applied the product first approximately three weeks ago. Since then the growth of my flowers and lawn have been phenomenal. I am very pleased with the results. I treated all of my roses except one to see the difference if any. We pruned all the roses just before applying the product. All roses have tremendous growth and buds except the untreated one.

R. Cornely, Redwood City, CA

All of the flowers seemed to bloom more and the plants seemed stronger and heartier. After the last freeze even the tropicals came back. One of my tropicals bloomed. It had never bloomed before! My Calla lily kept dying, but after being fed Bountiful Harvest® Bio-Stimulant it actually began to grow and looks like it might also bloom this year.

A. Verbois, La Place, LA

I definitely would recommend this product. Very easy to use and very environmentally friendly. The plants I sprayed showed such a difference! Color and growth are very impressive. I will always use this product as will my family.

L. Grismala, Windsor Locks, CT

I highly recommend this product. I sprayed it on lawns, shrubs and flowering plants. The lawn immediately greened to a deep rich color. The rose bushes are blooming profusely as they haven’t done in a few years.

P. Nowicki, Orange, CA

We had a late spring here in the northeast, so I started using Bountiful Harvest® Prebiotic on my houseplants. My houseplants perked right up as if it were mid-summer. When spring finally did arrive, I took it outside. I used it on some beds but not others. The results were outstanding! The beds I treated grew twice as fast and bushy.

A. Obrien, Williamsville, NY

I used this on my cannas and they grew to 7½ feet! I had a bumper crops of green beans as well.

B. Gorseth, Jasper, GA

6-1-2002 – Testing on roses I have more deep vibrant leaf color. Plants are larger, fuller buds are forming after using for one month.

7-1-2002 – Beautiful buds and flowers, lush bushes despite extremely hot days, roses doing well.

8-15-2002 – 9-16-2002 damp muggy weather, but roses are coming out of a black spot.

The untreated roses have a smaller bush, slightly smaller flowers and are not as strong as the treated.

Mrs. W Patterson, Bettendorf, IA

My fading tomato plants have burst back into production. My hibiscus looks like they’re in the Hawaiian Islands. Unbelievable blooms on impatiens.

E. Albano, Kissimmee, FL

This product was very easy to use. I used it on all my houseplants and they became greener and healthier. One even bloomed that in the seven years I’ve had it has never bloomed before! I tested roses with and without. The plant treated with Bountiful Harvest® Bio-Stimulant produced the most beautiful roses I’ve ever had!

M. Clark, Riverside, CA

This plant stimulant produced fantastic results within a short period of time. Plant growth and fruit/vegetable production increased dramatically. Vigorous leaf and shoot development also resulted from application of Bountiful Harvest® Bio-Stimulant.

A. Germaine, Roseland, NJ

I used product on my strawberries and got twice the strawberries in half the time. An artichoke that was treated grew twice as high and had three times the artichokes of the others. It also renewed quite a few of my tired perennials.

M. Mason, Sacramento, CA

On my Philodendrons, I treated one with Miracle-Gro® and one with Bountiful Harvest® Bio-Stimulant. Bountiful Harvest® Bio-Stimulant won over all. I have seen better growth with it on my houseplants. I saw new growth in five days. This is great!

P. Henry, Swannanoa, NC

I used the product on my indoor plants. The results were almost instant. The yellowing leaves that were present eventually turned green. Surrounding foliage turned a deep rich green color and I have noticed new leaf development. My untreated plants with yellowing foliage continues to get more yellow with some stems dying.

D. Danek, Palatine, IL

I compost a lot. This product gives me the same sort of effect. I soaked about 35 of the 70 Stella De Oro bulbs I planted this year in the Bountiful Harvest® solution. There is a marked difference. My blueberry bushes also benefited greatly. I also like how far one container will go.

M. Carroll, Roanoke, VA

It works! For the first time ever I have flowers on my old cactus. I especially liked the size of the container, easy to use.

J. Butalia, Los Angeles, CA

I used this product on seven different plants, two of which were dying. The healthy plants got bigger and greener, the two rose bushes that were dying are full of green leaves all over. I really love the product and will use this as often as I can, it’s wonderful. Thank you. Just in two and a half months my bushes came alive again full force!

G. Winkler, Tellico Plains, TN

The product works great on transplants & cuttings. I tried it on a plant that hasn’t done well over the past year and it is now flourishing. The plants I have started from cuttings are doing great. After four months of use on my test plant it is 4-times the size of the others with no brown leaves.

B. Lambert, Gulf Breeze, FL

Our home grown plants are healthier and more vigorous than in previous years. We have used many other products of this type and are most pleased with Bountiful Harvest®. It Works!

S. Seago, Creston, IA

I highly recommend this product. It brought new life back to my houseplants. After soaking my flower seeds in this product I noticed tiny seedlings the very next day! My strawberries were blooming and producing after 3 weeks of planting. After one week of planting my tomato plants my husband could identify the plants that did not get Bountiful Harvest® Bio-Stimulant. They were not as green, not as big, and not as healthy.

L. Worthington, Hawkins, TX

This is a great product and noticed good improvements in the plants I applied this to. My plants are mostly tropicals and not a lot of flowers instead mostly foliage. The appearance was fuller, brighter and faster growing. I have an acre  with tropicals and seen definite improvement in the ones I tested. My impatiens were definitely different, fuller and still blooming.

A. Beitia, Edgewater, FL

I used this product on grafted apple stock and got 100% growth with excellent root and leaf development.

K. Skinner, Afton, VA

Used on my summer squash plants. Plants treated with product are twice as big as one without. Better vegetable production approximately 50%.

J. Chacon, Portland, OR

Wow! I love this stuff! So did my puny looking hydrangea and hostas! Not only did it make the leaves greener it seemed to grow twice as fast as last year.

T. Engle, Gautier, MS

I found the stalk of the tomatoes with the product are much stronger. I’ve noticed no blight this year. A Linden tree planted four years ago has not been doing well. We’ve considered removing it for replanting. I used a large amount around root base. The tree appears much healthier and seems to be better rooted. The tree is also producing more leaves. We’ve decided to give it one more year.

E. Borchardt, Comfrey, MN

I recommend this product because it perked up my houseplants that I have had for years. I have used Miracle-Gro® and plant food spikes with no noticeable results. This product, Bountiful Harvest® showed almost overnight results. Droopy leaves are now fanning out and no longer droop. I also treated my tomato seeds and they sprouted (all) and in less than five days. I highly recommend Bountiful Harvest® for anyone who has had less than perfect results with seeds. You will be truly amazed. I used it on early blooming tulips and daffodils. The half I treated is still beautiful and healthy even after a rather harsh spring including snow and frost. The half left untreated is dead for the season.

M. Price, Syracuse, NY

I was a firm user of Miracle-Gro® until you sent me Bountiful Harvest® Prebiotic. I started using it on ½ of my houseplants and after just one use I noticed a great difference. The plants with the Bountiful Harvest® perked up and flowered whereas the others did not. The plants were even potted in a Miracle-Gro® food released soil so I thought there would be no or little difference.  I like the idea of the Bountiful Harvest® being liquid and adding an ounce or two to the water. It is much less messy than the blue Miracle-Gro® powder I use to use.

D. Spagnolo, Renfrew, PA

Worked like a dream – great for transplanting – all new beautiful strong sprouts all over everything – especially my roses – moonflower vines – gardenia and you should see my tomatoes.

J. Ruffner, Largo, FL

This is a fabulous product. Used at minimum strength greatly enhanced growth and length of blooming time. Garlic bulbs were much larger and had sweeter taste.

L. Hutchinson, Byron, NY

I recommend Bountiful Harvest® Prebiotic. The results after one application are amazing. It is easy to apply and extremely cost efficient because it is so effective. My tomatoes are out of control!

A. Garcia, Burbank, CA

I tested this product while growing from seed, young plants during and after transplanting, and on a new lawn. The results were fantastic. I used plain water on half of what I grew and the Bountiful Harvest® Prebiotic on the other. Results took two weeks – two months to show. Now everything I used the stimulant on is 3 to 4 times larger. The blooms are equal to the plant size. I would strongly recommend this product and was very satisfied with the results.

L. Walker, Vicksburg, MS

My Hibiscus was half dying from being brought in from outdoors last fall. Thought I would give it some Bountiful Harvest®.  It looks Fantastic!  It looks like it does in the fall when I bring it in for the winter. IT WORKS!

S. Lovell, Olathe, KS

I would recommend this product to anyone who takes pride in the growth and appearance of their plants. It made quite a difference in the growth rate of my pepper plants and flowers. And the peppers are delicious!

B. McKinney, Winchester, IL

I have been using your wonderful products for over 10 years now and every year I tell myself that I am glad to be able to use your products in helping the earth to recover. I use it on sick trees and it works like magic. I use it on sick roses and they recover. I use it as part of my natural spraying services and spray properties once per month to insure healthy plants and healthy soil. I add it to compost making process happy bacteria. I would recommend Bountiful Harvest® to any organic gardener who wishes to use only the best in their organic property.                                                                       


Andy Lopez