How It Works

When given a choice, we all desire that our homes, landscape and the food we eat be safe and chemical free.

The AgriGro® Home line of products not only supply nutrients in a natural, plant available form, but they also work in harmony with nature to improve soil and plant health and support the amazing process known as the “symbiotic cycle”.

The symbiotic cycle is the interaction that occurs between the soils microbial life and the plants that grow in it. When this cycle functions properly, the soil and plant life will be healthy, vibrant and more productive.

By applying AgriGro’s® Home products, you’re feeding the soil and plant powerful biomolecules that supercharge the symbiotic cycle, increasing nature’s beneficial microbial populations up to 5,000%. In return, this explosion in beneficial microbes provides the plant with essential nutrients, growth regulators, antibiotics, enzymes, and amino acids while breaking down applied fertilizers and releasing tied up nutrients already in the soil. This process drives plant growth and improves soil and plant health to maximize what nature has already provided.