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IgniteS2® is formulated to get your crops out of the

gate early before stress and lack of nutrition can

rob future yield, health, and quality. It contains

an exclusive blend of amino acids, complex

carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and

growth supplements not found in traditional fertilizers.



IgniteS2® is formulated to get your crops out of the gate early before lack of nutrition and resulting stress can rob them of the development, health, and yield they were designed to produce.

Containing essential soil and plant nutritional supplements not found in ordinary N-P-K fertilizers that help plants maximize yield and overcome stress from lack of nutrition, IgniteS2® ensures that your soil and crops are getting the nutrition they require when it is needed most.

Tank mixing this nutritional supplement into your normal spray or in-row starter program has a targeted effect on the soil and plants’ biological system. This effect improves soil structure, promotes healthy soil for better growing conditions, increases fertilizer efficiency, supports vibrant and robust plant growth, and boosts yields. IgniteS2® is designed to do all that and more.

IgniteS2®supplies essential nutrients along with beneficial soil and plant supplements that boost plant growth, allowing crops to reach their genetic yield potential. Field studies have shown that crops treated with IgniteS2® are healthier, have improved nutrient uptake and availability, plant growth, and higher yields.

IgniteS2® can also be used as an effective residue digester in the fall or early spring.


– Increase seed germination and emergence

– Promote early and sustained root development

– Improve availability of applied fertilizers

– Increases beneficial microbial populations in the bulk soil and rhizosphere

– Reduces soil pathogens near the rhizosphere

– Improve soil structure, tilth, porosity, and friability

– Optimize efficiency in water regulation and utilization

– Improve crop quality and yields


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IgniteS2® can be applied at 1-2 pints/acre in-furrow, or soil-applied broadcast through standard ground or aerial application equipment, and through standard irrigation or fertigation systems. IgniteS2® may be mixed with most herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and liquid fertilizers. When mixing IgniteS2® with other chemistries, always do a jar test to ensure compatibility.

Packaging Information
  • 5 Gallon Cases
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • 275 Gallon Mini-Totes