Feeding Cattle In A High Dollar Corn Market

The ups and downs in the cattle market have taken their toll on farmers and ranchers at one point or another. Not to mention, feeding cattle in this market can… read more

Lagoon Management in Animal Agriculture

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Vitamin & Mineral Supplementation in Cattle

Vitamins and minerals are nutrients required in order to perform vital bodily functions. It is important to meet the daily qualifications for different vitamins and minerals to ensure healthy, thriving… read more

Protein Supplementation Benefits Cattle

Protein is usually the costliest portion of the diet, but it can be even more costly to limit protein in the bovine diet. We have a few solutions to help… read more

Grazing Corn Stalks

With harvest season behind us, many cornfields sit untouched, with cornstalk residue left behind. When fed properly, this residue can be a great, low-cost feed resource.… read more

To Creep Feed Or Not To Creep Feed…

Calving season is starting up, which means producers are starting to think about winter feeding programs. Will you feed hay? Supplement corn? Provide protein tubs? What about the calves? Weaning… read more

Prebiotics in the Poultry Industry

In poultry production, bird health is greatly influenced by the microbial communities present in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and the surrounding environment (i.e., bedding). The composition and diversity of these… read more

The Cost of Efficiency – Does It Cost More?

The number one question producers ask when learning a new feed or product is, “What does it cost?” And almost always, units will be given in terms of dollars per… read more

How Does Stress Affect Your Bottom Dollar?

In a world where certain agricultural decisions are made based on public perception, stress has been a highly discussed and researched topic. As more research is done, we shed light… read more

AgriGro is Proud to Announce our 40th Anniversary!

Over the past 40 years we have established a tradition of excellence, manufacturing an ever growing line of innovative technologies while providing growers with environmentally safe products that improve soil,… read more

Determining Forage Supplementation

The nutritional content of forages will vary due to numerous factors. These factors include season, forage growth rates, animal stage of production, producer ability to supplement, and the list goes… read more

Byproducts in Animal Nutrition

What are byproducts? Byproducts makeup a large poultry ration and about one-seventh of the ration for growing and fattening swine in the United States. They are also important in feeding beef… read more

Preventing Harmful Water Factors in Poultry Production

Numerous factors play a role in poultry performance. These factors include equipment, management practices that help with the fight against ammonia, house environment such as improving litter quality, and housing… read more

Ruminant Nutrition – Back to the Basics

Nutrient requirements of a ruminant will vary over the course of its lifetime, but regardless of producer goals, stage of production, or management, ruminants will always require these key nutrients:… read more

Keep Layer Production High In The Summer Heat

Dealing with hot summer temperatures is inevitable for your layer operation, and being unprepared to handle it could result in poor layer production and increased mortality. So, what can you do to… read more

Improving Litter Quality

Wet litter and how it affects your in-house environment: Wet litter is a condition when the litter reaches its saturation threshold and is unable to hold more moisture. This causes… read more

The Fight Against Ammonia

What is ammonia? Ammonia is an invisible, water-soluble alkaline gas present in the atmosphere of every poultry house. Ammonia stems from the chemical decomposition of uric acid in droppings by… read more

Shannon Smith & Poultry Grower Eddie Todd Discuss IndigoLT® – Poultry Litter Treatment

Shannon W. Smith, Co-Owner, Vice President, and Sales Executive of AgriGro Marketing Inc., recently met with Turkey Grower Eddie Todd in Bergman, Arkansas to discuss his operations and experience since… read more

NutriZyme Decreases Flies on Horses

Luke Hammond – Southwest U.S. Dealer – shares a video testimony of Arizona Horseshoer, Brian Moffitt, on NutriZyme – Water & Feed Additive. Moffitt sees big results at Blazing M.… read more

Flashback Friday – What Livestock Already Instinctively Know

Check this out! Shannon Smith shares footage of fescue hay grown with AgriGro Prebiotics all the way back to 1996!     At AgriGro we make it a habit to deliver… read more

IndigoLT Poultry Growers Presentation – All Natural Litter Treatment

Poultry Growers Discuss IndigoLT® Poultry Litter Treatment Shannon W. Smith, Co-Owner, Vice President, and Sales Executive of AgriGro Marketing Inc., recently met with MO-ARK Poultry Association in Harrison, Arkansas to… read more

AgriGro Attends the 8th Annual Aqua Forum in Monterrey Mexico

Monterrey Mexico Recently, AgriGro attended the 8th annual AquaForum in Monterrey Mexico. This event is a gathering of international experts in the wastewater treatment, pool, and spa industries with regional… read more