Optimizing Animal Health


AgriGro’s® livestock line, comprised of NutriZyme®, Indigo®, and IndigoLT®, can significantly enhance overall animal health and performance. Promoting competitive exclusion, these products will dramatically accelerate microbial activity, increasing both the number and diversity of beneficial bacteria in the gut of the animal, as well as the production environment.

Water and Feed Additive

Bio-Degradation Accelerator

Litter Treatment


I have found the IndigoLT to be a very valuable product – dry floors, reducing insects and harmful bacteria in the litter.
Turkey Producer – Northwest, AR
October 2019
I started using NutriZyme® about one and a half years ago. At that time, I was becoming concerned about the limited use of antibiotics. Some of the issues I was facing… birds going off feed at 3-4 weeks old, my mortality was going up, and the birds were very sizey. This last issue continued until market time creating birds that weighed anywhere from 8 to 16 lbs. We began by spraying the feedlines with NutriZyme®. We observed that the birds responded very well to the product and we started to see fewer gut issues in the birds. With less gut issues and the birds not going off feed, this meant more profit at settlement time. Having seen positive results from the NutriZyme® feed additive, we also began to treat the litter with IndigoLT®. This treatment was to reinforce the placement of good enzymes in the birds’ environment, while slowing the ammonia and keeping the litter dryer. At this time, both products are in use with positive results in bird performance and profit in the flock settlements. Also, I have not had to use any antibiotics in the last year.
Atkinson Turkey Farm – Harrison, AR
February 2019
As a turkey grower, I was going into another winter flock just knowing the ammonia in my range houses was going to be rough. I was told about IndigoLT® during the summer, but like other growers I was afraid to give it a try. They told me it would help on ammonia and keep my floors dryer. I dumped turkeys in mid-December with already damp floors. After applying IndigoLT® before birds were placed, I tilled the product in. I tilled weekly for the next ten weeks. The IndigoLT® made the ammonia in my houses a day and night difference from previous winter flocks. My litter is dust dry after one flock. Another positive about IndigoLT® is that it is not harming the equipment in my houses unlike other products do. It’s all natural material and won’t corrode or deteriorate equipment.
Wells Farms – Green Forest, AR
March 2019
View video results after 17 batches of IndigoLT.
De Queen, AR
February 2019