Milo and Winter Wheat – Forty Five Percent Yield Increase


This repost from December 19th, 2012 is just too good to leave behind. Check out how one Texas Farmer received a 45% yield increase over the control plot by applying FoliarBlend® three times throughout the growing season.

Some exciting news on dryland milo production comes from Jay McKee, farm manager, Strickland Farms in Nevada, Texas. McKee is eager for next year’s crop in both milo and winter wheat after a successful run with FoliarBlend® in 2012.

In one trial, McKee reported that where three pints were used (16 oz. in furrow w/starter, 16 oz. at 3 leaf stage w/sidedress, and 16 oz. at initial heading with pesticide) the yield increase was 2,250 lbs better than the control for a final harvest of 7,250 lbs/acre, a 45% yield increase over the control plot, which yielded 5,000 lbs/acre. Strickland Farms produce 3,000 acres of milo each year, averaging 5,000 lbs/acre in a good year. This year Jay incorporated FoliarBlend® into his fertility program on 600 acres (all planted at the same time using Golden Acres 3552 seed, and 10-34-0 starter fertilizer).

Clearly the 45% yield increase speaks for itself. Jay describes the results as “fantastic” and says they plan to apply FoliarBlend® to every acre on the farm next season. With results like these, Jay is doing what’s best for his crop, his ground, and ultimately his bottom line. Jay also reports that crop quality was vastly improved and the milo matured faster, which is to be expected when normal plant development is not hindered by nutrient deficiencies. While all crops in the area seemed to mature quicker this year, harvesting two weeks early did not reduce or compromise quality. Finally, Jay reports that the acres treated with FoliarBlend® showed a consistent test weight of 63-64 lbs, compared to a 58-59 lbs test weight on the control.

Jay conducted an additional study using FoliarBlend® on winter wheat last season as well, and wanted to see if he could improve on the 60 bushel average that is typically harvested in the area. Part of his trial was using FoliarBlend® on wheat following milo and corn, hoping to utilize some of the leftover nitrogen from the previous crop. The results were as follows:

Treatment Yield (bu./acre) Bushel Increase % Yield Increase
Check Plot (followed corn) 72
Check Plot (followed milo) 78
1 pt./acre applied once (followed milo) 84 6 8.0%
1 qt./acre applied once (followed milo) 103 25 32.0%

One final rain shower for the crop was needed toward the end of the season to give it that extra boost, but it never came. However, the quart/acre application was very impressive, a 32% increase over the control check plot!

Jay was very happy with the results of this trial and is modifying this year’s fertility program by incorporating 1 pt./acre IgniteS2® at planting, followed by 1 pt./acre of FoliarBlend® in late January with his traditional fertilizer program. A third pt./acre will be applied at the beginning of March. Jay is considering reducing his nitrogen rates on part of his acres to determine if there can be a reduction in inputs without compromising yield. We’ll keep you posted on Jay’s trial!

Continuing since 2012, AgriGro is gaining ongoing research and studies that show how important it is to create and maintain momentum throughout the growing season by applying IgniteS and FoliarBlend.®

We are proud of our many growers like Jay who after many years with AgriGro are still using our products and continuing to see benefits to their soil,  plant health, yield, and profits.

DON’T WAIT… Finish your 2019 season strong!

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