Monitoring Crop Performance When Using AgriGro Products

Information from both distributors and growers are important for research. Please keep track of your experience with FoliarBlend®, IgniteS2® and the other fine products of AgriGro® Marketing and share your success with us. Yield data from year to year is very beneficial as it can be used to conduct a simple trial. In addition, these results can provide hope and encouragement to others and show just how profitable AgriGro®’s line of products can be.

Starting a trial when you know previous years’ yield data can be easy. Simply choose which of AgriGro®’s products are the best fit for your crops. Product options and information can be obtained online at or through a distributor in your area.  Step by step instructions to setting up your trial are listed below.

  1. Choose your test plot. Be sure to have two equal size lots that can easily be kept separate. (e.g., two fields, two checks of rice, etc.)  At least a 30’ buffer zone between the two plots is essential, as microbial activity can “move”.
  2. Keep one plot for the control treatment.  The control plot will receive your normal production practices including irrigation, fertilizer, cultivation and plant protection practices (i.e., pesticide applications).
  3. For the other plot, use the same production practices as the control plot, but add the AgriGro® products of choice. Again, please consult a dealer or the AgriGro® website for additional information.
  4. Be mindful of climate conditions and precipitation. Are the conditions typical for the area and time of year? Is anything new or different from what is typically experienced growing in the area?
  5. Color photos of each plot should be taken on the same day and time for comparisons. Photos are helpful reminders of specific events such as when plants are leafing or heading out, etc.
  6. Document any differences. Is there a difference in pest pressure or nutrient deficiencies? Any stunting or yellowing of leaves or plants in general? All notes and dates will produce a more accurate comparison of the results.

When planning for harvest I can provide a statistical analysis of crop data if the proper information is provided. Prior to harvest, select at least eight random sites from each treatment plot. Measure and record the yield in each of the eight sites for both plots. By providing 8 samples per plot, a stronger statistical analysis can be generated and statistical differences can be noted. By sending me the sample weights for both plots, the control and AgriGro® treatment plot, I will have the necessary information to run an analysis and determine the difference in your yield due to the use of AgriGro® products. Data should be sent to Carrie Monlux via email at