AgriCal Increases Marketable Yield in California Tomato Study

In a study performed by in Williams, California, AgriCal significantly increased marketable tomato yield. One trial produced an additional 16,680 lbs. of tomatoes/acre, while the other produced an additional 8,440… read more

AgriGro® Significantly Increased the Uptake and Availability of Macro and Micro-Nutrients

In a detailed study by Lincoln University, AgriGro® significantly increased the uptake and availability of 12 macro and micro-nutrients while lowering the levels of sodium in the soil and plant… read more

Mississippi State University AgriCal® Study Shows Significant Yield Increases in Cotton when Calcium is Needed

AgriCal® research at Mississippi State University has indicated that when AgriCal® is applied in cotton fields, significant yield increases result.… read more

AgriCal® Study Shows Increased Plant Health in Wheat Trial

The objective this study was to evaluate the effect of AgriGro’s® chelated liquid calcium, AgriCal®, on spring wheat in a soil with the following characteristics: pH 4.2, Aluminum Toxicity, Calcium Base Saturation levels… read more

Wine Grape Varieties Show Significant Yield Increase with FoliarBlend® and AgriCal®

California studies on Syrah, Nebbiolo, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes showed that FoliarBlend® and AgriCal® can help significantly increase yields. Syrah grapes averaged a 3,450 pound / acre increase over the control!  … read more