2019 SeedMaxx Trial Increases Corn Yields By Average of 10.7 BPA

In a study performed by KMR Research across multiple corn varieties, SeedMaxx® was evaluated in four different locations. Overall, SeedMaxx® averaged a 10.7 bushel per acre increase over the control.


SeedMaxx® was evaluated in 4 different locations with 3 different hybrids.

  1. Albert City, IA
    Corn on Corn; Strip till applied hog finisher manure
  2. Scribbler, NE
    Irrigated, corn following soybean; Cattle manure broadcasted
  3. Elizabeth, IL
    Corn following soybeans; No-till w/ wheat cover crop
  4. Round Lake, MN
    Corn on corn; Farrowing barn manure injected

Applications = 6oz of SeedMaxx®  / 100lbs of seed


SeedMaxx® averaged a 10.7 BPA increase over the control.

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