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Flashback Friday – What Livestock Already Instinctively Know

Check this out! Shannon Smith shares footage of fescue hay grown with AgriGro Prebiotics all the way back to 1996!


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At AgriGro we make it a habit to deliver excellence and we have the track record to back it up.

Dating back to the early 1990’s, AgriGro has been on a strict regimen of testing and retesting our various product lines to insure consistent performance in the field along with profitability for the farmer. We have spent a tremendous amount of time, effort, and expense to verify and prove the excellent value and efficacy of our agricultural products, even on our own farm.

See the difference for yourself that the animals already instinctively know.


My name is Shannon Smith, this is a video that was shot in Feb. of 1996. It’s Bermuda grass hay raised in Arkansas under center pivot fertilized according to Arkansas University recommendations verses Fescue hay raised on Living Waters Ranch with the AgriGro program. 

We are going to see these bales fed side by side. The first bale that’s rolled out is a Bermuda grass bale.  It’s rolled out to a herd of about 90 cows. It was the last bale that we had, that’s why we filmed this when we did. The second bale that will be rolled out is Living Waters Ranch Fescue hay and you will see eventually all 90 of these cows will leave the Bermuda grass hay and go over to the Fescue hay. 

The Bermuda grass hay was horse quality hay sold mostly to horse people themselves, it’s very, very good hay, however it was not in comparison to our Fescue hay raised on our program. 

Again, I would tell you to note the condition of the cows as you look at them.  This was filmed February 14th, 1996 – the dead of winter. You can tell by looking there is no grass to speak of at all. The cattle are extremely fleshy and healthy and they look more like they are in the dead of summer than they do in the dead of winter. Again they are very, very healthy. Note each cow leaving the Bermuda going over to the Fescue. 

The protein consumption would drop dramatically when we were feeding our Fescue hay.  They would consume about a quarter of a pound a day on our Fescue hay. When we would feed the Bermuda hay alone they would jump their protein consumption to a pound and a half to two pounds. Which is indicative of the quality of hay itself. 

The Bermuda was very, very good hay. Again, the cows would walk across and try the Bermuda, but then walk back to the fescue. 

The next morning, you could see where the Bermuda grass hay was fed.  You could tell where all 100 of those bales were fed. Where we fed our Fescue hay you could tell they lick it off the ground. The only way you could tell where that bale of hay was fed was where the manure was left behind.


1996 Hay Comparison:


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