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Georgia Farm Trial Shows Increased Peanut Yields

A farm trial on peanuts in Hawkinsville, GA using applications of FoliarBlend® and IgniteS2® by AgriGro® resulted in a 1,170 pound per acre yield increase in peanuts crop. That’s a 26.7% increase over the untreated plot!

Peanut Study: Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Numbers Rise

Peanuts are a very important crop in Argentina, with millions of tons exported worldwide annually.

Farmer Holds Argentina Peanut

In early studies using multiple applications of FoliarBlend® on peanuts, soil analyses showed the number of nitrogen fixing bacteria in the FoliarBlend® treated soil were found to have increased 31%, the ammonification microbe numbers increased 200%, and the cellulose decomposer population increased 1790%!  Yes, a 1790% increase in cellulose decomposers in the soil treated with FoliarBlend®!  This level of biological activity greatly affects the increase of nutrient uptake from residual organic matter in the soil, and as you can imagine, the Argentine growers were excited beyond belief!  They are currently planning next  season’s use of FoliarBlend® and IgniteS2® on several other crops, in addition to peanuts, and these include soybean, sunflower, and milo. We look forward to seeing how Agri-Gro® products work with all crops in Argentina.