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Potato Studies in Idaho Using IgniteS2® and FoliarBlend® Improved Fresh Market Yield

A study analyzing the effect of IgniteS2® and FoliarBlend® on Idaho potato yields resulted in an increase of fresh market yield. 49 CWT / acre increase in US #1 4-7 oz.

The Interactive Effect of AgriGro® Products and Fungicide Application Rate on Russet Potatoes

A 3-year Colorado State University study on the interactive effect of FoliarBlend® and IgniteS2® by AgriGro® and fungicide application rate on the performance of russet potatoes reveal an average 53 cwt/acre more potatoes than control, when using full rate fungicide!

AgriGro® Applications on Russet Potatoes Show A 14% Yield Increase

In a study conducted by BYU, Idaho, applications of FoliarBlend® and IgniteS2® on Russet potatoes yielded an additional 48 CWT / sack over the control. That’s a 14% increase in yield!