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Considering Prevent Planting? Push Yields With AgriGro

There’s no doubt that this spring has been cold and wet. Historic flooding has had much of the Midwest’s farmland underwater since April, leaving many growers holding their breath as they wait for drier soil conditions to return. As a partner in your commercial growing operation, AgriGro® is here to provide products that can help you enhance soil and plant health and its microbiology, effectively allowing you to close the gap between actual crop yields and their true genetic yield potential. Today, we’ll review how this spring’s weather patterns have affected our nation’s corn growers and how AgriGro can help push crop yields to increase profits.

Mother Nature’s Impact

We don’t have to tell you that soil health is one of the biggest factors in profitable yields, and cold, wet soil conditions are simply not ideal growing conditions for crops. However, much of the agricultural sector underestimated Mother Nature’s effect on the corn planting season until the most recent Crop Progress Report was released by the USDA yesterday, June 3. The report estimates that, as of June 2, only 67% of the nation’s corn crop has been planted and that just 46% of the crop has emerged. That means farmers have 31 million acres of corn still to plant.

To add some context to these figures, it helps to compare this season’s planting and emergence rates to those of last year. Reports indicate that, while our nation’s corn crop had a bit of a rough start, 96% of it had been planted and 84% of it had emerged as of June 2, 2018.

Additionally, this year’s planting rates are well below the five-year average for many states:

  • Illinois: 45% planted
  • Indiana: 31% planted
  • Ohio: 33% planted
  • South Dakota: 44% planted
  • Michigan: 42% planted

This data, along with that of years past, reveals the shocking truth that 2019 may go down as the slowest corn planting season in history.

To Plant or Not to Plant

Soil moisture conditions remain at 50% or greater and there is more rain in the forecast for much of the Corn Belt. Some places are so waterlogged that even an inch of rain will keep some growers from planting. While those who planted early are committed to seeing the growing season through, other growers find themselves considering prevent planting as a viable alternative if their final planting date has not yet arrived.

Many growers are tempted to contact their crop insurance agent to file a claim due to abysmal soil health and growing conditions following the widespread spring flooding. However, experts and analysts predict that adjusters and underwriters are going to be somewhat picky this year about approving crop acres eligible for indemnification. Additionally, the price of corn is on the rise thanks to basic supply-and-demand. In fact, some estimate that the price of corn could be as much as $2 per bushel higher than a month ago because of market conditions and several other factors.

With the risks involved in prevent planting and the market conditions being what they are, a unique opportunity exists for growers who decide to wait it out and plant their corn crops — they could see increased profits that are greater than what their insurance policy could potentially pay out.

Improving Soil Health for Greater Yields

Growers in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan have until June 5 to decide whether or not they are going to plant their corn crop. That means that you only have a few days to make a critical decision as a commercial grower in one of these states. If market conditions have convinced you to forgo prevent planting while you allow your land to dry out, you want to do everything you can to enhance soil health and soil microbiology to give your crops the best start possible once you are finally able to plant.

Discover Enhanced Soil MicroBiology with AgriGro

When that time comes, AgriGro products will be there to help you every step of the way. Our crop products are specially designed to provide a wide range of benefits that can help you push crop yields to their full genetic potential to take advantage of current market conditions. From helping seedlings withstand cool, damp growing conditions to encouraging better germination, more even emergence, and improved soil health and microbiology, our products add life to your growing environment, allowing your operation to flourish in a time when others may not be so fortunate.

Ready to get started? Contact AgriGro today to learn more about our biotechnology products or locate a dealer near you.