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6.05 BPA Increase in Soybean Yields in Mississippi State Trial

A study conducted by Dr. Trent Irby at Mississippi State University using FoliarBlend® and IgniteS2® on soybean plants showed a 6.05 bushel per acre yield increase over the control.

Colorado Soybean Study Yielded 13.7% Increase Over Control

A study by the Irrigation Research Foundation of Yuma, Colorado applied IgniteS2® to soybean crops and received an average increase of 5.1 bushels per acre.


Uruguay Soybean Farm Trial Shows 15 k/ha Increase Using FoliarBlend®

A farm trial to determine the effect of FoliarBlend® on soybeans in Tarariras, Uruguay showed a 420 k/ha increase in soybean yields, that’s a 15% increase! Soybean test weight also increased by 3.5%.

IgniteS2® Produces a 6.57 BPA Increase in Soybeans

A study at the Irrigation Research Foundation in Yuma, CO using IgniteS2® soil and starter supplement produced a 6.57 bushel per acre increase in soybeans.

6.5 BPA Increase in Soybean Yields

Research by USDA and University of Missouri results in 6.5 BPA increase in soybean yields using FoliarBlend®.