Wells Farms – Green Forest, AR

March 2019

As a turkey grower, I was going into another winter flock just knowing the ammonia in my range houses was going to be rough. I was told about IndigoLT® during the summer, but like other growers I was afraid to give it a try. They told me it would help on ammonia and keep my floors dryer. I dumped turkeys in mid-December with already damp floors. After applying IndigoLT® before birds were placed, I tilled the product in. I tilled weekly for the next ten weeks. The IndigoLT® made the ammonia in my houses a day and night difference from previous winter flocks. My litter is dust dry after one flock. Another positive about IndigoLT® is that it is not harming the equipment in my houses unlike other products do. It’s all natural material and won’t corrode or deteriorate equipment.