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Growing successful food plots that not only hold game on your property, but provide the nutrition they need to flourish has always been the goal. For nearly 40 years, commercial growers around the world have depended on AgriGro’s® products to enhance soil health and deliver top yields. Now that same technology is available for the wildlife enthusiast with the DeerGro® line by AgriGro®. With innovative soil health products like PlotStart® and PlotBoost®, growing a food plot that thrives with healthy plants pumped full of nutrients that are passed on to your wildlife has never been easier.


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Fertilizer alone won’t get it, soil health matters. Managing nutrients and soil pH, along with the biological life (microbes and fungi) in all soil types is crucial for food plots to reach their fullest potential. DeerGro® supports each of these areas like no other product line can by supplying essential plant nutrients combined with natural prebiotics that support the microbial life in the soil for top producing food plots that wildlife can’t resist.

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“I’ve been using DeerGro® products for the last four years and it has exceeded my expectations. I will never use traditional lime and fertilizer on food plots again. Highly recommend DeerGro® to everyone. It is very simple to apply, that is one of the best parts of this product. My food plots look 10 times better since I started using the products and are luscious and green thanks to DeerGro®!

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