Had fantastic beans last year. I wish I had enough space to do a side-by-side, but your products were part of a successful plot. Used PlotStart® when planting and PlotBoost® when applying RoundUp®. Sure as hell my beans never turned that brown color you see in commercial fields. Definitely using again this year!

Drew Krumwiede

This stuff is FANTASTIC!. . . Just ordered some more for the next food plots and I’ll be back. Not bad for North Central Louisiana.

Pete Armstrong

We had a mini drought [in this plot] and it never grew right after. I planted it again in September with DeerGro® and it worked GREAT!! I do believe DeerGro® had a part in helping it. Great product, would recommend to others.

William Mumea

We had great results with DeerGro®. We used PlotStart® on just about every plot we planted last year. We manage two farms and continue to use PlotBoost® throughout the summer. We mixed it with Glyphosate when we were spraying Soybeans for weeds, it worked great. Definitely planning on ordering more this year when needed. Great products in our opinion.

Genesis Outdoor Management

I’m very happy with DeerGro®. I’ve only used the PlotStart® thus far but plan to use additional DeerGro® products in the future. PlotStart® was easy to use and really jump started my seed growth. Just days after planting I already had new growth coming up. A few of my food plots are hard to get to and having PlotStart® really alleviated trying to get truckloads of lime and fertilizer in there. I’m so glad you made a great product. I’m looking forward to having a healthy deer herd. Thanks, DeerGro®!

Matthew Davis

I hunt pine plantations with sandy and acidic soil in Southwest Louisiana. Not prime for growing much of anything. During every seeding, I have used PlotStart® and followed up with PlotBoost® a few weeks later. Mind you, none of the soil I’ve planted has been worked before or planted in any way. On one of my larger plots last year I only treated half to see if I could see a difference…oh yeah. Seeing in believing. I believe so highly in DeerGro® and I think it could greatly benefit hunters like myself without access to lime and fertilizer spreaders and not willing to plan 6 months in advance.

Louisiana Bowhunter

DeerGro® worked great for us last season. It was the first time using the PlotStart® and PlotBoost® and it was very easy to use. I was surprised how much PlotBoost® increased the growing of the plot! Great stuff and I’ll be using it every year!

Chris Coniglio

Been using DeerGro® products for about the last 4 years and it has exceeded my expectations. Will never use traditional lime and fertilizer on food plots again. Highly recommend DeerGro® to everyone. One thing that I live is that you can mix it right with RoundUp and kill two birds with one stone. It is very simple to apply. That is one of the best parts of this products. My food plots look 10x better since I started using the products and are luscious and green thanks to DeerGro®!

Michael McKenzie, Monster Game Management

While I can’t comment on the impact to soil PH in subsequent years after first application (since this is the first year I used PlotStart®), I can tell you that post planting soil tests confirmed its PH adjusting powers, and most importantly, I experienced vigorous bean and corn growth right out of the gate and through the growing season, in spite of below average June rainfall in my region of central Illinois.

As importantly, it saved the hassle and expense of renting a lime cart to spread tons of lime, into a simple job of just adding 2.5 gallons of PlotStart® into my regular ATV sprayer per acre of ground treated. I saved both money – and time – and experienced great plant health and growth, as evidenced in my early-August, chest-high Real World soybean plots.

With PlotBoost® is applied at 32 ounces per acre, and can be mixed with glyphosate, so when you spray your beans or corn, you can also feed them for optimal growth at the same time. One of the meaningful benefits to including PlotBoost® in your Round-up ready bean treatments, in particular, is the reduction or elimination of yellowing and burning after spraying, which after adjusting my glyphosate rate with help from Jeremy Flinn at DeerGro®, worked like a charm. Again, in spite of below-average June rainfall – my late-July beans were the healthiest and tallest I’d ever grown.


PlotBoost® works by dramatically improving fertilizer uptake and use by your food plots, which can allow you to use less fertilizer annually because your plants can absorb more nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It also helps plants withstand harsh environmental conditions like drought, disease, and insects.

Mike Carney

I farm an organic certified dairy. This year, I used Ultra® on my grass paddocks with my standard rotational grazing program, and my cows could not keep up with the growth. This resulted in extra paddocks of ungrazed grass that I baled for hay. This had not happened previous to using Ultra®, and the result of extra hay put dollars in my pocket.

Lavelle K. Sheldon, WI