AgriGro® Interview: Maximizing Inputs by Maximizing Life

AgriGro® Interview: Maximizing Inputs by Maximizing Life

We say “Just Add Life” because for over 40 years, AgriGro® has understood the importance of the biological component of crop production. We recently interviewed Shannon Smith, Co-Owner of AgriGro®, on why maximizing inputs by maximizing life is so important and how “Just Add Life” affects a grower’s bottom line.

What are the biggest challenges farmers face?

“The biggest challenges for farmers are the commodity prices right now. They are low and inputs are high, so it’s hard to turn a profit.”

How do AgriGro® prebiotics “Just Add Life”?

“The track we’ve been on in farming is not really sustainable, when you’re killing the life of the soil, when you’re putting too many chemicals, too many salt based fertilizers on that kill life rather than promote life, it’s not sustainable.

So we’re here to reverse that trend to a sustainable way of farming, which is to encourage life in the soil. Biology is about the life of the soil, we’re adding life to the soil by feeding the life of the soil.”

How does ”adding life” affect the growers bottom line?

“Everything works better when the biology of the soil is right. Your soil will till better, it will hold water better, your chemicals will work better, your fertilizers will work better, you’ll use less fertilizers, less chemicals, you’ll use less fungicides, all of this is related to the biology of the soil. Whenever the biology is healthy you don’t need as many inputs to produce a good crop. So there are several different ways, not just one way, that biology affects the bottom line, it’s a culmination of these several things that affect the bottom line.”

VIDEO: 'Just Add Life' with AgriGro's® Prebiotic Products.