Boost your yields and cut your fertilizer bill with ULTRA, an Organic prebiotic soil, and seed treatment!

Boost your yields and cut your fertilizer bill with ULTRA, an Organic

2139 total pints harvested off of 1200 plants Yield Increase came in at an overall 18% total bump, with the Ultra treated rows skewing about 4-5 days earlier. Second quantity (farm grade) didn’t seem to have a difference across this at all.

Total harvest:
Agrigro 1158
Control (2 control + 1 fabric). 981

Treatment cost $6 and gave us 885 ROI Video below on how we set up the trial. Based on what I say, we actually could have been skewing the data towards the control advantage

Want to see the raw data?

Trial results with California Broccoli

Hey Friend,
I’m always looking to try new things and push myself to grow better. And sometimes what we try, works! The last for me was humates! We were blown away at just how strong the crops were and the minimal disease we had the last two years.
I met Luke last year and he shared how these products helped him grow in the challenging conditions of the Arizona desert. After reviewing the data, trying some of their products for myself, and meeting the team, I’m pretty excited about what it can do for our farmers.
Now, based on the research we’ve done on our farm, we are endorsing this product. The research and trials I have done so far has shown me that this has potential, and is worth trialing on your farm. Try it! you’ll see increased 

What is Ultra and how does it work?

Ultra® works in harmony with nature to boost plant growth and overall plant health while energizing the soil ecosystem to increase nutrient uptake, improve soil structure, build humus, and speed up the breakdown of organic matter for improved soil and plant health.
How I like to think about it as a turbocharge for your soil life, bringing in over 30 different families of soil bacteria, chelators, amino acids, and over 410 different biomolecules to VASTLY increase the microbial life.
This does NOT replace fertilizer, and you should still do your soil tests and apply the nutrients suggested. However, when the soil life is sped up, that means you can eventually apply less fertilizer as the biological life helps release the fertility already in the soil.

Here’s what the data shows…