How AgriGro Works

How AgriGro Works

The extensive biological capabilities of AgriGro’s® prebiotic technologies support the mutually beneficial relationship between plants and microbes called the Symbiotic Cycle, pushing it to function beyond its natural abilities.

The impact and diversity of over 400 different biomolecules found in Agri-Gro’s® technology assist the soil and plant in offsetting various forms of stress that can hinder plant growth and crop quality, robbing growers of valuable yield and profits.

When AgriGro’s® Prebiotic formulations are applied to the soil, there is an immediate spike in beneficial microbial activity of up to 5000% within the first 72 hours of application. It is estimated this increased microbial activity can last for 28-35 days, depending on growing conditions. During this time frame, the plant receives numerous benefits from this increase in microbial activity, via the symbiotic cycle.

These benefits include better root development and plant structure, increased nutrient and water uptake, enhanced plant health and immune system function, better stress tolerance, higher yields, and improved crop quality.

First, initiation of symbiotic momentum begins with one or more of the following three options:

  • 1. An application of SeedMaxx® on the seed.
  • 2. A broadcast application of IgniteS prior to or at planting.
  • 3. An in-furrow application of IgniteS.

Any of these applications will stimulate beneficial microbial populations, improve germination and early plant development, release insoluble nutrients and improve the uptake of applied fertilizers.


Second, applications of FoliarBlend® in early vegetative stages will provide further momentum by increasing microbial activity on the leaf surface and in the soil via enhanced root exudation, improving plant structure and metabolism and boosting plant health.  Overspray from the foliage that reaches the soil will add additional benefits, further stimulating beneficial microbial activity in the soil to increase nutrient uptake and suppress pathogen levels.


Finally, when the crop enters the critical reproductive stage, late season applications of FoliarBlend® will further boost plant health and maintain production momentum to maximize yield with better grain and fruit fill and improved crop quality.

For certified organic operations, Ultra® should be used during all three critical stages of production to enhance yield and crop quality.

By biologically priming the soil and plant with AgriGro’s® prebiotic formulations at key stages of growth throughout the growing season, the naturally occurring Symbiotic Cycle between plants and microbes create what we at AgriGro® call “Symbiotic Momentum”. Symbiotic Momentum can be seen as a 3 step management plan for improving the biological component of crop production.