Microbes: Many Hands Make Light Work

Microbes: Many Hands Make Light Work: AgriGro

Many hands make light work, and having an abundance of beneficial microbes in the soil at critical stages throughout the growing season is like having extra hands on the farm during harvest.

Plants and microbes have a mutually beneficial relationship — plants feed microbes and microbes feed plants. It’s known as the Symbiotic Cycle. The benefits they provide when their relationship is protected and cultivated include better root development and plant structure, increased nutrient and water uptake, improved plant health and immune system function and better stress tolerance.

Bringing on these “extra hands” simply requires feeding the native microbial populations you already have in your production environment. This has been shown to increase microbial activity, giving them the ability to do their job at a higher capacity which can be critical in offsetting the stress factors that rob yield and quality at harvest. When you take care of your soil microbes, they take care of your crop…and you can rest assured, knowing they are always on the job.

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