Turf Formula

Turf Formula

Turf Formula® is the prebiotic edge your turf needs. Our turf formulation is a storehouse of essential elements and growth-promoting substances for use in the seeding, sprigging, sodding, and maintenance of turfgrass.

Turf Formula® is an exclusive prebiotic blend of amino acids, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, stabilized liquid oxygen, and growth supplements not found in traditional fertilizers. Turf Formula® boosts soil health, improves plant growth and turf quality, and works to provide the maximum release and uptake of nutrients in the soil for turfgrass production.

University research has shown Turf Formula® increases nutrient availability by up to 68%. Research also proves that Turf Formula® lowers sodium levels in the soil and plant tissue. Since sodium competes with potassium for uptake, high sodium levels can greatly reduce the plants’ ability to absorb nutrients.

Turf Formula® Benefits:

– Maximum release and uptake of nutrients

– Surge in early and sustained root development

– Reduces soil pathogens

– Optimizes efficiency in water regulation and utilization

– Boosts growth and qualityIf you’re looking to transform your turf, Turf Formula® is the product you’ve been looking for. You can feel good knowing you are using less fertilizer and minimizing chemical inputs and switching to a natural, effective fertility program that is truly a cut above the rest!

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