AgriCal Increases Marketable Yield in California Tomato Study

AgriCal Increases Marketable Yield in California Tomato Study

In a study performed by in Williams, California, AgriCal significantly increased marketable tomato yield. One trial produced an additional 16,680 lbs. of tomatoes/acre, while the other produced an additional 8,440 lbs.

Large Scale Processing Tomato Trial

Williams, CA | Colusa County Farm Supply Research Department


To produce performance data by testing nutritional products in a “real world” production system. All study results were conducted….”Under the conditions of this study.”

2018 Seasonal Overview:

  • Trial site and culture was excellent
  • Very little insect and disease pressure in this field. Grower and PCA did an outstanding job.
  • All treatments were compared to the grower standard.

Program Overview:

  • Drip plot sizes = split field (10+ acre / plot)
  • Drip applications were made using a 1,000 gallon ball tank, and standard gas-powered injection pump
  • The products were mixed at CCFS and agitated very well before injecting
  • The solution was pumped at 5 GPM into the irrigation mainline at the filter station • Harvest was achieved via Morning Star commercial tomato harvester - the entire plot was harvested


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