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IgniteS4® is formulated for inoculation on all dry N-P-K fertilizer materials and significantly improves the uptake and availability of those nutrients while positively affecting soil health, plant growth and development.


– Offers soil mobility to improve fertilizer efficiency and enhance nutrient uptake across a wide range of soil types and growing conditions

– Promotes improved root growth and plant development

– Supports native microbial populations and improved soil health

– Delivers consistent yield performance, better test weights, and improved crop quality

– Can be used in both Liquid and Dry Fertilizer blends

– Easy to use. No issues with mixing, storage or shelf life


Dry Fertilizer Impregnation: The IgniteS4® Application process must be done by a commercial fertilizer retailer that is properly equipped for this type of procedure. The application rates of IgniteS4® should be as follows:

◊ <250 lbs fertilizer applied per acre, use 96 oz (3/4 gal) of IgniteS4® per ton (2000 lbs) ◊ 250-400 lbs fertilizer applied per acre, use 64 oz ( 1/2 gal) of IgniteS4 per ton (2000 lbs) ◊ >400 lbs fertilizer applied per acre, use 32 oz of IgniteS4 per ton (2000 lbs)

Liquid Fertilizer Injection: Add IgniteS4® to liquid fertilizers to achieve a minimum delivered field rate of 8 oz/acre (236 ml/acre). IgniteS4® should be thoroughly blended with the liquid fertilizer prior to application.

Traditional sources of NPK were inoculated with AgriGro’s IgniteS4® then applied to pots of silt loam soil prior to planting with corn. The untreated pots included the same soil, fertilized with the same rates of NPK. 30 days after planting, nutrient uptake comparisons were made between the IgniteS4® treated plants and untreated plants.

What is AgriGro IgniteS4®?

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