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Better Litter. Better Birds.


All natural litter treatment for use in

poultry houses that is safe to the

environment, non-corrosive to

equipment, and safe and user-friendly

to the applicator as well as to the birds.


– Lower ammonia levels

–  Reduced pathogens and disease

– Decreased insect pressure

– Dryer litter

– Less cake

– Higher nutrient value

– Improved overall bird health


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– Remove cake from the poultry house after each batch.

– Till the litter after IndigoLT® is applied. The more times it is tilled, the better the results.

– Preheat the house a minimum of 48 hours before bird placement. Ventilate to bring in fresh air.

– The preheat period is vital to allow IndigoLT® adequate time to eliminate ammonia from the house.

– It is important to prepare the litter bed immediately after bird removal to ensure the driest environment possible.

– Inoculate new bedding with IndigoLT® to insure future results.

Video shows results after 17 batches with IndigoLT®

De Queen, Arkansas | February 2019




De Queen, Arkansas | March 2021




De Queen, Arkansas | May 2021




De Queen, Arkansas | August 2022


Shannon W. Smith, Co-Owner, Vice President, and Sales Executive of AgriGro Marketing Inc., recently met with Turkey Grower Eddie Todd in Bergman, Arkansas to discuss his operations and experience since beginning the AgriGro Livestock program.
Four years ago, Eddie was losing about 200 birds each day to cellulitis. Todd knew he had to do something to resolve this issue quickly, so when he heard about IndigoLT he decided to give it a shot. Following the application of IndigoLT, the cellulitis problem decreased dramatically and it has not been a major issue for his turkey operation since. 


IndigoLT® was added to broiler houses in Sevier County, AR

at 48 oz/1000 sq. ft. The control houses have been treated with PLT.

Below are the differences in moisture content and nutrient value:


Warm weather application:

Apply 32 oz. of IndigoLT® per 1000 sq. ft.

Cold weather application:

Apply 48 oz. of IndigoLT® per 1000 sq. ft

Use the least amount of water possible as carrier, but enough to insure good coverage. (3.75  – 6.25 gallon water/1000 sq. ft is recommended).

When to apply IndigoLT®:

Apply between batches, after cake removal, before tilling, at least 72 hours prior to bird placement. It is important to give the product a minimum of 72 hours to work before bird placement.

If litter is extremely damp and and ammonia ridden, apply 1/2 rate immediately after cake removal, then apply the second half 3-5 days before bird placement.

If litter is mostly dry or there is not enough time for a split application, apply entire amount immediately after cake removal, but no later than 3-5 days before bird placement.

VERY IMPORTANT: For best results in turkey houses, till litter at least once a week.

NOTE: IndigoLT® is safe to apply while birds are present during the grow out.



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  • 5 Gallon Cases
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • 275 Gallon Mini-Totes



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