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Nutri-Zyme® is a unique proprietary blend of nutritional prebiotic elements for use as a water or feed additive used in the production of Poultry, Cattle, and Horses; providing a supplemental dietary source of essential nutrients such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and iodine for all life stages.


•  Improved gut health

•  Improved feed conversion

•  Improved disease resistance

•  Improved energy and vigor

•  Improved skin, paw, and leg integrity

•  Decreased skin scratches and cellulitis

•  Improved egg shell quality

•  Improved hatchability

•  Improved chick quality


Applied to the feed:

Mix 1 part Nutri-Zyme® with 2 parts water and mist on feed

Applied to Water: 

Apply 2mL Nutri-Zyme®  per gallon of water to the flocks drinking water. 

*Note – If you are using nipple Drinkers or water lines, you may need to flush your water lines every 10 days.

Using NutriZyme by AgriGro

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