The Fight Against Ammonia

The Fight Against Ammonia

What is ammonia?

Ammonia is an invisible, water-soluble alkaline gas present in the atmosphere of every poultry house. Ammonia stems from the chemical decomposition of uric acid in droppings by certain bacteria in the litter. Litter conditions and ventilation are the main factors affecting atmospheric ammonia concentration in poultry houses. Conventional thinking has been that ammonia levels are particularly high in houses where the same litter is used for successive flocks.

How does it affect the birds?

When ammonia gas is exposed to moisture, it reacts and forms a basic, corrosive solution called ammonium. This ammonium can harm the birds in numerous ways such as:
  • Damaging the respiratory system: When exposed to high concentrations of ammonium, the birds suffer damage to the mucous membranes of the respiratory system. This increases the susceptibility of birds to bacterial respiratory infection.
  • Damage to the eyes: High concentrations of ammonia in the atmosphere causes conjunctivitis and damages the cornea of the eyes. Clinical signs include swelling and reddening of the eyelids, reddening of the conjunctive and nictitating membrane, and partial or complete closure of the eyes.
  • Footpad Dermatitis (ammonia burns): When moisture and chemical irritants like ammonia combine in the litter during natural decomposition, the birds develop inflammatory reactions in the skin and even ulcers. The birds get lesions on their foot pads. These lesions can heal but they usually augment, causing blemishes to the feet at processing.
  • High ammonium levels also impact overall livability, feed conversion, weight gain, and condemnation rate at processing.

What can AgriGro do to help??

AgriGro offers an all natural litter treatment for use in poultry houses that is safe to the environment, non-corrosive to equipment, and safe and user-friendly to the applicator as well as to the birds. With AgriGro’s IndigoLT you will see:
  • lower ammonia levels
  • reduced pathogens and disease
  • decreased insect pressure
  • dryer litter
  • less cake
  • higher nutrient value
  • and improved overall bird health
Sound too good to be true? Check out this discussion between Shannon Smith, Co-Owner of AgriGro, and Eddie Todd, turkey grower in Bergman, Arkansas, about Eddie’s operation and experience since he began using IndigoLT. Order Now Contact a Representative