Improving Litter Quality

Improving Litter Quality


Wet litter and how it affects your in-house environment:


Wet litter is a condition when the litter reaches its saturation threshold and is unable to hold more moisture. This causes microbial activity to increase, which leads to ammonia being produced and emitted into the air. Also, when litter is wet, it is more likely to promote the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and molds. Litter quality plays a huge part in the quality of your in-house environment. Wet litter causes problems on multiple levels including management, housing, disease, gut health and diet. Manure and moisture are the leading factors that influence litter conditions. Growers can’t do much to control the manure portion, but they can control litter moisture.

What are the effects of wet litter on birds?

When birds are grown in a high moisture environment, they do not perform to their genetic potential. This can lead to negative welfare issues such as:
  • footpad dermatitis
  • condemnations
  • scabby areas
  • breast blisters
  • bruising

What causes litter to be wet?

There are multiple factors that affect the moisture in your litter. For example, new litter not being stored properly and becoming damp before it is spread in the house is an avoidable issue. Some dietary ingredients like salt, when fed excessively, can cause the birds to consume and excrete large amounts of water resulting in wet litter. If your ventilation system is not able to fight off moisture effectively, then environmental conditions such as very cold temperatures, wet and humid weather, or condensation can cause wet litter. Also, be mindful of your drinker lines, evaporative cooling pads, and foggers because if they are not maintained and managed properly, then you will also experience high moisture litter conditions.

How can Agrigro help enhance litter quality and promote a healthier environment for your birds?

AgriGro’s IndigoLT is the solution to wet litter. IndigoLT is an all natural litter treatment that will lower moisture levels in your litter while also reducing pathogens, disease and ammonia levels, thereby improving overall bird health, and much more. Check out this video from a poultry grower near De Queen, Arkansas who went 17 batches while using IndigoLT without a full cleanout.