Mid-Season Nutrient Availability And Stress Management • Hunter Smith | Agronomy Advisor

Mid-Season Nutrient Availability And Stress Management • Hunter Smith

Maintaining proper nutrient levels and a healthy, vigorous crop that effectively utilizes the nutrients is essential to maximize yields. Unfortunately, many forms of stress can arise throughout the season that can prevent your crop from achieving its genetic yield potential. These stressors may come in the form of excessive moisture or drought, insect and disease pressure, chemical damage, and nutrient tie-up, to name a few. Whenever stress occurs, plants reallocate energy to offset the adverse effects, limiting the power and output needed for proper plant structure and top yield potential.

Most crops are either in, or approaching, the reproductive stage of the 2020 growing season. Foliar applications are an effective tool to minimize stress and supply essential nutrition to maximize their overall yield and profit potential. Research has shown that adding FoliarBlend® to any foliar program can significantly increase the uptake and utilization of nutrients, stimulate root and plant growth, lower stress, improve plant health, and boost yields.

FoliarBlend® contains a wide range of essential plant nutrients, beneficial enzymes, complex carbohydrates, and a host of other growth-promoting compounds not found in fertilizers. FoliarBlend® explodes the growth of soil and plant native microbial populations up to 5,000% within 72 hours of application. These microorganisms promote growth and plant health, reduce stress and breakdown applied fertilizers, releasing insoluble nutrients, and put them to work to relieve any form of stress the crop is currently encountering.

Benefits of FoliarBlend® include:

  • Converts insoluble nutrients to an available form that plants can absorb.
  • Easy to Use: Tank mixes with most liquid fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for easy application (no compatibility issues)
  • Offsets the negative effects of glyphosate by minimizing “yellow-flash” and reducing soil pathogen counts, including Fusarium and Pythium species.
  • Lowers sodium levels in the soil, which has shown to reduce nematode counts.
  • Strengthens plants natural resistance to stressors such as drought, disease, and pests.
  • Boost plant health and increase yields and crop quality.

It’s worth repeating that the best defense against yield loss, disease pressure, lack of nutrition, and other forms of stress that can rob you of yield and profits is a healthy plant and growing environment. FoliarBlend® improves plant health to overcome stress, and it elevates the plant’s natural defense system. This defense system creates a high state of readiness to respond when any form of biotic and abiotic stress occurs, preparing the plant to allocate more energy for reproduction, ensuring top yield potential.

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