3 Management Practices to Help Improve and Sustain Soil Organic Carbon

3 Management Practices to Help Improve and Sustain Soil Organic Carbon

Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) is an important aspect of crop production and the long term sustainability of the soil. Carbon makes up approximately 58% of the organic matter in soil, revealing just how significant it is for maximizing soil health and crop production. Without adequate amounts of SOC, crops cannot reach their genetic potential resulting in lower yields, less profit and higher costs to the farmer. Having a healthy amount of SOC is beneficial because it improves fertility, reduces erosion, and also increases the land's resistance to drought and flooding. When erosion occurs, the soil is exposed and carbon is released into the atmosphere and converted into carbon dioxide. Reducing erosion allows the carbon to be utilized for soil and plant health, while also reducing unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. When SOC is managed properly it will benefit the land and grower for years to come. Some good management practices to help improve and sustain SOC are:

  1. Reduced Tillage – this lowers the loss of carbon into the atmosphere because it is not turned over and exposed to the elements where it could be washed away by rainfall or even erosion.
  2. Crop Rotation – this lowers the risk of weed resistance and improves the diversity of the soil microbiome which utilizes the SOC to the grower’s advantage.
  3. Cover Crops – helps keep the soil microbial populations constantly active and increases the amount of organic matter in the soil. Cover crops also protect the soil from erosion and help store nutrients in the soil for next year's crop.

AgriGro’s products provide a big help in this area by boosting the soil's native microbial life to improve yields, soil health, SOC, and overall soil organic matter (SOM). Your soils microbial life (microbiome) are essential for the breakdown of SOC and SOM by making them available to the plant in a usable form so they are not wasted into the atmosphere as CO2 or washed away through erosion. Products like IgniteS2® and FoliarBlend® work to provide an immediate shockwave to your soil and plant’s microbial life allowing the natural microbiome to unlock nutrients and increase organic matter so the plant can use them. Microbes, along with SOC and SOM, help improve the tilth of the soil, therefore improving germination, root development, water infiltration, and the use of nutrients already in the soil to the crop’s favor.

In conclusion, AgriGro products have been proven to be an effective tool to improve Soil Organic Carbon which improves the overall Soil Organic Matter, leading to healthier soils, stronger plants, higher yields, and more profit in the growers pocket.

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