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  • 3 Mistakes Pasture Managers Make

    3 Mistakes Pasture Managers Make

    Your stocking density and health of your animals is directly influenced by the health of your soil and the forage that you are able to grow. Caring for your soil...
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  • Protein Supplementation Benefits Cattle

    Protein Supplementation Benefits Cattle

    Protein is usually the costliest portion of the diet, but it can be even more costly to limit protein in the bovine diet. We have a few solutions to help your cattle and pocketbook thrive.
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  • Grazing Corn Stalks

    Grazing Corn Stalks

    With harvest season behind us, many cornfields sit untouched, with cornstalk residue left behind. When fed properly, this residue can be a great, low-cost feed resource.
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  • The Cost of Efficiency – Does It Cost More?

    The Cost of Efficiency – Does It Cost More?

    The number one question producers ask when learning a new feed or product is, “What does it cost?” And almost always, units will be given in terms of dollars per weight, whether in tons, pounds, or bushels. While this number can ultimately get you to what you are looking for, there may be a better way to think about it, depending on your final goals.
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  • How Does Stress Affect Your Bottom Dollar?

    How Does Stress Affect Your Bottom Dollar?

    In a world where certain agricultural decisions are made based on public perception, stress has been a highly discussed and researched topic. As more research is done, we shed light on potential stressors and how much they can affect performance as an industry.
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  • Determining Forage Supplementation

    Determining Forage Supplementation

    The nutritional content of forages will vary due to numerous factors. These factors include season, forage growth rates, animal stage of production, producer ability to supplement, and the list goes on from there.
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  • Byproducts in Animal Nutrition

    Byproducts in Animal Nutrition

    What are byproducts? Byproducts makeup a large poultry ration and about one-seventh of the ration for growing and fattening swine in the United States. They are also important in feeding beef and dairy cattle. Almost every food industry furnishes some byproducts for animal feed.
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