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  • Winter Pruning: A Guide for Your Garden

    Winter Pruning: A Guide for Your Garden

    While the winter chill is still in the air, it is time to prepare for your spring garden. A top priority on your list should be to prune your shrubs and trees before new growth and buds come to life.
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  • It’s Time to Start a Cold Frame

    It’s Time to Start a Cold Frame

    Your garden doesn't have to suffer during the cold winter months after all the hard work you’ve put into it all spring and summer. Even outside of the prime growing season, a cold frame garden offers a way for you to keep your garden producing without investing in a full-sized greenhouse. Cold frames are a great option during the winter months.
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  • Growing a Winter Garden

    Growing a Winter Garden

    Did you know it is possible to garden during the winter months? Sure, there are a few more challenges but it is achievable. Many greens and some other vegetables actually prefer cooler weather to grow. We have put together a list so you can get the best results in your winter garden. Click below to learn how!
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  • Creating Garden Compost

    Creating Garden Compost

    It’s in the soil that micro and macro-organisms live and then contribute to creating a healthy environment for plants. If you’re looking to improve your soil, consider adding compost.
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  • Extend your Homegrown Harvesting into Fall

    Extend your Homegrown Harvesting into Fall

    It's time to start planting your fall garden, and we want to help! Fall days are perfect for gardening—it's cooler, the sun is still shining, you have the occasional rain shower, and the soil is warm. The soil is warmer than in spring, so your plants grow more quickly during this time of year.
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