The Ultimate List of the Most Vibrant Fall Shrubs, Perennials, & Trees

The Ultimate List of the Most Vibrant Fall Shrubs, Perennials, & Trees

Autumn is known for its vibrant colors—from stunning leaves on the trees to bright pumpkins growing in fields. This time of year is anticipated, it's homey and beautiful—a mix of so many family activities and traditions.

Bringing these beautiful fall colors and foliage to your home is relatively simple by choosing just the right plants. We have our favorite, ultimate list, and images of the best fall shrubs, perennials, and tree suggestions that will bring the fall color you are looking for!


Certain shrubs are the perfect choice for planting near your home's foundation. Their compact size requires less maintenance, and adding the right shrub can bring pops of color next to your home exterior materials. Some shrubs even produce berries, which we love! But before you choose, make sure the shrub will have plenty of space to grow in the area allotted. So do your research and know where your shrub will be located.

These are our fall favorites :



Heavenly Bamboo

Oakleaf Hydrangea


Virginia Creeper

Winged Euonymus

Witch Hazelpr

Beautyberry Shrub

Perennials are the perfect garden and landscape staples because they come back year after year. Many perennials provide great fall color and leave your garden looking beautiful year-round.

Look to add:

Florists' Chrysanthemum


Gloriosa Daisy

Golden Fleece


Japanese Anemone

Mountain Sage

Pineapple Sage

Salvia' Indigo Spires'

Sedum' Autumn Joy'




There's something incredible about seeing the trees change colors in the fall and then the carpet of color they blanket the ground with soon after. It's truly a spectacular sight!

If you're looking to add height, here are some of our favorite trees:

Chinese Pistache

Crape Myrtle

Eastern Redbud

Japanese Maple

Maidenhair Tree

Paperbark Maple

Persian Parrotia

Smoke Trees

Eastern Redbud

Once you add a mix of these shrubs, perennials, and trees—take time to give each plant a considerable amount of water. While we're moving into the fall season, it is still warm in many parts of the country, so plants need plenty of moisture to stay healthy and hydrated. To help with hydration, consider adding mulch. This will add an extra line of defense and help your plants retain water.

Don't forget to add microbial support to your planting routine. Our Home and Garden prebiotics work to increase nature's ability to bolster root establishment and growth to best prepare for winter dormancy. Come spring, with Bountiful Harvest®, your soil and plants will thrive with health, vigor, and vitality that you simply can't get from fertilizers alone. How it works - Each product works in harmony with nature to provide vibrant, healthy plant growth while enhancing plant and soil health the way nature intended. Helping you create a beautiful "Bountiful Harvest®" of fall color this year and next fall in and around your home!

Happy GRO-ing!

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