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  • Growing a Winter Garden

    Growing a Winter Garden

    Did you know it is possible to garden during the winter months? Sure, there are a few more challenges but it is achievable. Many greens and some other vegetables actually prefer cooler weather to grow. We have put together a list so you can get the best results in your winter garden. Click below to learn how!
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  • Prebiotics in the Poultry Industry

    Prebiotics in the Poultry Industry

    In poultry production, bird health is greatly influenced by the microbial communities present in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and the surrounding environment (i.e., bedding). The composition and diversity of these communities fluctuate tremendously throughout a growing period and must remain balanced to ensure proper nutrition, development, and disease suppression/bird immunity. Imbalances in the microbiota (a condition known as dysbiosis) can lead to the weakening of intestinal walls in the GIT, reduced nutrient digestibility, enteritis and diarrhea, and other consequences that diminish bird performance and limit a grower’s return on investment.
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  • When Should I Run A Soil Test?

    When Should I Run A Soil Test?

    In order to maximize crop production, testing the soil is key. But many wonder, how often should I run a soil test? Here is the information farmers need to know.
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  • Fall Leaf Removal

    Fall Leaf Removal

    In many places around the country, autumn trees are extremely beautiful with brightly colored leaves consisting of reds, oranges, yellows and greens. The cooler weather of fall is so relaxing following the hot summers in the U.S., but what follows can be a chore. The autumn leaves will soon fall off the trees and we must decide what to do with them.
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  • The Importance of Microbial Communities in Agriculture

    The Importance of Microbial Communities in Agriculture

    In the context of agriculture, an abundant, diverse microbiome has been demonstrated to affect crop health. The elements of crop production can be dissected into three distinct yet overlapping sectors: (i) Chemical (crop protection and nutrition), (ii) Physical (mechanical activity), and (iii) Biological (seed and plant physiology; microbiology).
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  • Understanding C3 & C4 Grasses

    Understanding C3 & C4 Grasses

    Primary growth factors, how to decide between, and how to care for them. In the world of turfgrass, there are only two main grass types, cool-season grasses, and warm-season grasses.
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  • Transitioning from Season to Season: A Checklist For You

    Transitioning from Season to Season: A Checklist For You

    Fall is full of transitions - the leaves on trees slowly begin to change their color, pool parties become bonfires, and the smell of sunscreen turns into the sweet smell of pumpkin. These things are subtle indications that it's time to prepare your plants for the wintertime.
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  • Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs Now

    Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs Now

    Planting during this time will give the bulbs enough time to root before the ground freezes in preparation for their late spring to early summer bloom!
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  • The Cost of Efficiency – Does It Cost More?

    The Cost of Efficiency – Does It Cost More?

    The number one question producers ask when learning a new feed or product is, “What does it cost?” And almost always, units will be given in terms of dollars per weight, whether in tons, pounds, or bushels. While this number can ultimately get you to what you are looking for, there may be a better way to think about it, depending on your final goals.
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  • Creating a Better World

    Creating a Better World

    Transforming grass into a beautiful landscape that is not only sustainable but healthy for you and your family, takes purposeful planning.
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  • How Does Stress Affect Your Bottom Dollar?

    How Does Stress Affect Your Bottom Dollar?

    In a world where certain agricultural decisions are made based on public perception, stress has been a highly discussed and researched topic. As more research is done, we shed light on potential stressors and how much they can affect performance as an industry.
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